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November 10, 2020
31 Kg in just 8 Months!!!
November 24, 2020

12 weeks 13 Kg!8 months after she gave birth to her daughter

12 weeks 13 Kg! 8 months after she gave birth to her daughter

9 years back I weighted over 85 Kg and I always tried to get back to my weight of my youth, to around 72 Kg but I failed with all I did, it was always like the Jo-Jo effect was just stronger. 
But then 5 months back I found, I think by destiny, one of your videos and that time I just gave bird to my daughter 8 months back and everything becomes more complicated to reach my dream weight!

And just through your personable personality and through your ice cold honesty, based on real facts it made click by me. 
I got all the results I wanted through you and will keep going with Coach Norbert.  
I will not just do the Motivatedfit program, I live the Motivatedfit program.
– Melanie 

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