Andreea Popescu
October 24, 2020
Before & After
November 3, 2020

Before & After

Dear Norbert, I can’t thank you often enough, after the birth of my fourth child I had reached the peak on the scale by 86 kg’s.
After many diets I did try! I came across your YouTube videos, which were very good, but after buying the “Motivatedfit” Program my life has changed completely. 
The knowledge that you share with us in the Motivatedfit Program is priceless. And I am so infinitely grateful for that, through you I have managed, despite hypothyroidism, to lose 19 kg’s in just 5 months. 
And all that in an incredibly healthy way and especially without even got a little bit hungry. 
I am now more motivated than ever before to reach my ultimate body shape. 
My joy of life is finally back again and my whole environment and especially my family recognised it directly.

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