A Tight Skin with Body Time

by Jun 6, 2015Arabic Article, LOSE WEIGHT

The development of cellulite has different causes. Women are much more affected by this than men. The reason for that lies in the fact that there are different structures of connective tissue (net structure with men, a parallel structure with women). But there is another reason; the good news is that we can influence this one. Every person has to a greater or lesser extent subcutaneous fatty tissue. This tissue consists mainly of fat cells and cell fluid. The cells have a permeable cell membrane. They ensure a fluid exchange between the cell and the cell fluid.
Through a variety of causes, the permeability of the cell membrane decreases. The fluid exchange is thereby disrupted and the cell loses volume. This effect then shows itself on the skin surface in the form of irregularities. Due to the particular effect of the Body Time training, the permeability of the cell membrane is increased again. As a result, the cell volume again increases. The irregularities on the skin surface (cellulite) are quickly reduced or even removed. The skin once more becomes significantly tighter.


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