An Advanced Guide to Electric Muscle Stimulation Training

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Many people want to be physically fit and healthy. To achieve physical fitness, you need to do sufficient exercise and eat a balanced diet. One of the digital ways to attain a fit body is through electric muscle stimulation (EMS) also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation. (EMS) refers to the elicitation of body muscles using electric impulses.

Types of EMS Equipment

• Integrated electrodes embedded in garments like vests
• Full-body suits (can stimulate muscle groups- arms, chest, abs, back, legs simultaneously)
• Stimulator belts.
• Skin friendly-power suits that conduct energy high-level energy.

How Electric Muscle Stimulation works

This technology uses impulses to alter the natural process of voluntary muscular contractions. Electric pulses are initiated by a device and are conveyed through electrodes on the skin near to the muscles being stimulated. During an EMS workout, only skeletal muscles are initiated- leaving cardiac muscles of the heart. EMS workout is said to be 150 times more than an average gym session.

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Ems Workout Weight Loss

• The process of constant muscle movement burns fat and builds up muscles.
• The workout majors on body weight hence it causes zero stress on joints making it the safest exercise.
• EMS is mainly used to lose weight and tone muscles.

Electric Muscle Stimulation Physical Therapy

If you endure an injury or illness that deprives functional mobility, your physician may refer you to physical therapy. Usually, a physical therapist may prescribe exercise and EMS to a patient to help them recover. There are therapeutic modalities that can aid in improving the ability to function well again, i.e. EMS. Electric stimulation can serve different motives in physical therapy, they include:

i) Decrease pain and inflammation.
ii) Improve blood circulation.
iii) Proper muscle contraction.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is used in physical therapy to help in muscle contraction. Small switches can be applied to the injured muscle group to stimulate muscle contraction. The switch turns on when you are performing a task like walking and turns off when you are resting. Injured athletes can use EMS training as a post-exercise recovery tool.

Muscle Strengthening with Electrical Stimulation

Electric impulses stimulate muscle contraction resulting in muscle build-up. High-intensity frequency is required for muscle contraction. The impulses can be applied either during movement or without movement. Research suggests that frequencies should start at 60HZ with an on-off ratio of 1:3. The higher the frequency of current passed by an EMS device, the stronger the muscle contraction. EMS impacts abdominal muscles, back musculature and quadriceps femoris (which is the most stimulated muscle). The reason as to why EMS is effective in muscle build up is because of its specific muscle recruitment order. Unlike voluntary contraction, EMS stimulates a set of muscles into contracting. To sum it up, electrostimulation is theoretically a tool for muscle strengthening.

In conclusion, EMS training has stormed in the world, and with this new technology, exercising has been made easy. For professionals’ who are busy and do not find time to go to the gym, EMS training can be ideal for you. You a 20-minute EMS exercise, thrice a week you can attain the physical fitness goals you want.


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