Body Time EMS Training For Post Pregnancy Fitness
December 30, 2016
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January 1, 2017

Average results in 12 weeks:

Body Time muscle targeted training with two female customers

Body Time muscle targeted training with two female customers

Unprecedented results can be achieved faster than ever. These results can vary according to your needs and goals. There are many options and plans that suit all cases and goals; all plans lead to great final results.

The following rates are the average results in only 12 weeks with Body Time workout:

– 9% Body fat loss
– 30% increase in maximal strength
– 34% increase in muscular endurance
– 92% of all muscles get recruited during the workout
– 88% of all probands had no more back pain
– 20 minutes of EMS bring the optimal results
– 20 minutes of EMS equate 4 conventional workouts of 2 hours each

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