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October 30, 2018
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October 30, 2018

Back pain makes you suffer? Back pain makes your life difficult?

You lost the lust for life because of back pain? It gets difficult to sit down, to sleep, or to do normal physical activities? always back-pain?

You tried already different things and still don’t know what to do to get rid of back pain? Surgery, gym, different doctors all of that didn’t helped?

We have the solution: One session only and you can forget about your back pain! Sounds to good to be true? What you have to lose if you already have back pain you can just win to get rid of back pain!!!

Our solution is unique: NO surgery -NO pain – 100 % warranty – even your doctor will confirm that is helpful.

Doesn’t matter the reason: accident, overweight, genetic problem etc…. we focus on the solution to get it fixed immediately and for long term to avoid in future to appear again! And yes we have the solution!!!

In 90% of the cases the back pain can be fixed just by working with the muscles around your spine! Your muscles are too weak to support your spine and that’s why back pain appear! Any kind of damage can be repaired with strong muscles who support your spine and bring it again in the right position!

Now you think how to go to the gym? Is too dangerous for my back, is too much pain and maybe it gets worse!!! Exactly you are right you can’t fix it in the gym!

But we can fix it at Body Time! How? Simple! We Train all your muscle also the back without weights! It’s electro muscle stimulation on the highest possible standard with the latest German technology. Our device are medical approved and its used in Germany for Physiotherapy also!

All your muscle will be trained with a single 20 minutes session once per week what brings your full body in balance, plus your back get stronger and stronger. With each and every session you lose weight and tone up and improve your body position in order to avoid back pain!

The final result is after first session no back pain and you feel full of energy and your body start to tone and burn fat a full week!!!

By doing it one time per week after a couple of months you get fitter and fitter plus you lose weight and reach your dream body faster and easier than ever before!

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