Before & After
November 3, 2020
12 weeks 13 Kg!8 months after she gave birth to her daughter
November 17, 2020

Before & After

Dear Norbert,
All the results were only about to take place because I had the right mindset to do exactly what you told me! To put your knowledge and your program into action exactly like it should be and this mindset my mental management was everything! 
Everything in every meal, everything in every work out, everything in every day.
And my family got as well that much motivated that my mom did also the program and lose 15 KG :))))
I can’t even tell how happy I am now trough your help and amazing content!
Your videos are so detailed and you explain everything so simple and motivating and mind opening in the same time! 
You gave my body and mind like a restart and a new future in a better life with the body i love now! 

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