September 1, 2018
Advantages of Body Time EMS Training
September 2, 2018


We all have tried different types of sports or exercise routines to get in shape, but at a certain moment we have realized that the results weren’t as we expected. Taking the exercise to the next level will demand a huge personal effort, not only physically but also in the amount of time that we will have to invest. Body Time is the solution that will give you this extra help to obtain the results that you are looking for.

Body Time has a specific programme that makes it easier to climb to this level. This programme generates stimulation causing your muscles to respond by contracting and relaxing. The resulting contractions work the body’s muscles helping tone and shape your figure. Normally, these impulses are sent by your brain to the muscles, however, with Body Time the muscles work to the stimulus of the device. Here is where EMS technology gives you an advantage compared with other body shaping methods. Our system is a full body training, stimulating up to 650 of your muscles. No other fitness training is so effective in just 20 minutes.


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