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September 28, 2018
Why Body Time EMS Dubai Is the Future of Fitness
September 28, 2018

Body Time EMS Training in Dubai

Struggling to find time to exercise? Looking for a new alternative to spending hours in the gym each week? Are you bored with your current workout and looking to add a little spark to your fitness routine? Look no further! Body Time EMS training Dubai is the solution.

What is EMS Training?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. There is scientific research that supports the technique of using electro-muscle stimulation to increase the intensity of your muscle contractions over what your voluntary muscle contractions can achieve during exercise. You will achieve more efficient muscle movements and contractions, leading to a more effective and efficient workout. This will enable your body to become stronger without the added stress or effort.

How Effective is EMS Training in Dubai?

Everyone has their own individual goals. Depending on these, and individual intensity, each person should see greater strength, a more intense workout, better definition, and more muscle responsiveness. EMS training will generally work out 90% of your muscles. In perspective, a routine gym workout will work on only 25-35% of your muscles or muscle groups. With EMS fitness, you will get a better workout without the longer commitment.

Benefits of EMS Training Time

Our time is precious. When schedules get complicated, exercising can be the first thing to go. EMS training will change that. With EMS training, all that is required is a twenty-minute workout, once a week. Yes, we said once a week! That’s it, just twenty minutes. This leaves you no excuse for not having the time! The EMS training technique is revolutionizing how we look at our exercise routine.

Circulation and Toxin Removal

EMS training improves circulation due to the electrical stimulation. It works on and through all the connective tissues in your body, as well as aids the lymph glands in detoxing by removal of toxins from the body and by-products because of the muscular stimulation. Your skin will glow as you routinely use EMS training for fitness purposes because of this detox procedure.


When added to a weight loss program, this technique will aid in the loss of unwanted weight. It has been proven to accelerate your efforts toward dieting and weight loss allowing added fat-loss when implemented in conjunction with a fitness and nutrition plan.

How To Use EMS

Special pads are placed on your skin at each end of the muscle being targeted. The pads have wires connecting them. Then, very small amounts of electrical current will be sent from one pad to the next. This completes a circuit using the muscle tissue as a conduit. A trainer should be consulted before trying this.

It does take work and effort to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. We can help you achieve this goal with the latest EMS and EMS training in Dubai. You will love how convenient EMS training is and how simple it is to incorporate it into your fitness routine. The results that you will quickly attain with EMS training in Dubai will surprise you in a positive way!

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