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During a short 20-minute EMS training session, 90% of your body’s muscles can be engaged in the training and activated by the electrical impulses sent from EMS devices. Even the deeper and smaller muscles fibers are activated, during each contraction, which does not only increase muscular strength and quality but also enhances the intra- and intercellular coordination. This enables rapid strength growth in a short amount of time and beats your conventional weight training by 18 times. In combination with healthy eating and ongoing training, we can target problem zones directly and achieve a definite fat loss around the waist, the hips and thighs. Here, we are going to show how EMS training is suitable for anyone without any special requirements to use EMS, except for those who have health conditions that may prevent them, so they must get approval from their doctors.

Before we go deeply into how EMS training can benefit everyone, it is crucial to be fully aware of how it works and how can anyone use it properly to achieve the best results. Put simply, EMS is an intense training as you train all your muscles at once in higher intensity than the conventional physical training. However, it does not hurt and you feel no pain but some vibrations all over your body. The German-made devices send the same electrical impulses that our brains send to contract the muscles. Hence, depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact or highly intense to activate deep muscle hypertrophy, so your personal trainer will control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. Although EMS training can enable you to grow lean muscles, burn fat and shed the excess weight, it should not be done alone. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle; a healthy diet that contains all nutrition along with the training.

EMS training is the 21st-century fitness training. Since it is used excessively in the fields of wellness, beauty, as well as in competitive sports, rehabilitation and medicine, it is used by millions of individuals around the world. Elite athletes use EMS training in order to improve their strength, speed and stamina. Additionally, most of players and professionals use EMS for its ability to speed up the recovery after injuries. Physical therapists and doctors also use it for rehabilitation and reducing back pain, joint strain as well as strengthening the pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy. On the other hand, if someone suffers from a serious health condition like Epilepsy, Heart Pacemaker, Pregnancy, Tumor diseases, diseases with fever, acute bacterial or viral processes and bleeding, it is advisable not to use Ems training. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor because even with some of the medical conditions mentioned above, EMS might be helpful to support the healing process if it’s applied professionally.

Last but not least, there is no scientific or medical research shows or approves any negative side effects to EMS training. In fact, muscles are electrochemical organs and need electrical impulses from the central nervous system to contract. EMS technology uses this natural principle but is able to intensify the contraction by applying electrodes directly above the muscle. It combines 2 major fitness principles, the effectiveness and the short time. In just 20 minutes, you train all your body muscles and the effect lasts for one week, activating your muscles and burning more calories. That’s why EMS full-body training is safer and more effective than any other sports or workouts.


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