Detox day with Epsom Salt


It dissolves in 750ml of water 2 sachets of 30 g each of Epsom salt solution, the optain solution is then divided into 3 cups of 250 ml each. You also need 200 ml of cold pressed olive oil and 3 lemons. To follow this detox with Epsom need to have a day off because you will spend a lot of time in the toilet (a day off from work or a Friday / Saturday is ideal).

At 10 am, normally serve breakfast, the first meal of the day, after don’t eat anything until 2 pm.
At 2 pm you have to serve the first cup of epsom salt, prepared by the above method.
At 4 pm you serve the second cup of eposom salt.
At 6 pm swallow 200 ml of olive oil with 3 lemons drained, as explained above. Also you can eat something very light (like soup). For an hour before and after eating at 6 pm do not consume water. After this meal you will go at the toilet, it can be more than 30 minutes.
At 8 pm, take the last cup epsom salt, and at 11 pm drink a cup of semolina cooked in milk.

Do not eat any food beside than specified, and the water can be consumed all day, except before and after one hour the meal from 6 pm. Throughout the day you will have a large number of seats, it is advisable to control your feces to see you eliminated. The excess bilirubin will be precipitated in the form of gelatinous green small balls (they are dipped in oil) cholesterol in the form of white small balls; and the sand and shore get out as such/ same form.

For what other reasons the epsom salt can be also used
Epsom salt is primarily used for detoxification of the liver, like the sea salt, which means that it helps the whole body. Detox with Epsom salt is easy to hold, all you have to do is to drink a glass of water in which you have added a tablespoon of Epsom after every meal. This solution helps cleanse the colon so, the fat will not be filed. Do not overdo this diet. Not recommended long term, but only when you feel the need.

Epsom salt is also used to relieve muscle pain. After an hour of running, your body might present the strongest muscle cramps or pain in different areas of the feet. All you have to do is a bath with Epsom salts. Fill the tub and add two cups of Epsom salts medium size. Within minutes you’ll already feel the pain subsides and your body will be the same as before.

Epsom salt is also used to cure dislocations, sprains and bruises. Again, the same method should be used as in paragraph 2. In just 30 minutes, sprains and bruises will recover and inflammation caused due to these accidents will decrease considerably.

Another benefit is that Epsom salt is also used to soften the skin. Epsom salt baths are recommended for skin rejuvenation to skin color or to remove the cracks from the foot. Also, if you want to remove a wound that caught bark, take a bath with Epsom salts and the problem is solved.

It can make a paste with Epsom salts which can be spread on the facial skin, producing a mask that restores skin to its former smoothness. This paste can be done with Epsom and carrot. In addition, you can only make a paste of water and salt that was a lie throughout the body. Epsom salt has the effect of removing all dead cells on the surface of the body so that the whole skin will be smoother and more velvety.

Epsom salt is also used for moisturizing hair. Put a little Epsom salt in the conditioner or in the hair cream, keep this solution for 30 minutes, then rinse hair very well. The result will be a great one. Besides hair will look much brighter and be more healthy, the resulting volume is enviable.

So Epsom salt is a miracle ingredient, but very little use. Whether you follow a weight loss diet, you have muscle pain or you are looking to get younger skin and moisturize your hair, choose to use Epsom salt.


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