Does Health and Fitness have the highest return of invest?

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Investing in your health and fitness makes sense because it have the highest ROI (Return of investment)!!!

Beside that, a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle helps you to avoid the risk of a heart attack, back pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depressions and much more it has the highest return of invest because the time and money you invest makes you perform more in your day to day life!

Invest in fitness and health!

Every day we have expenses and we spend money on things that don’t make us fit and healthy! Why not investing smart? In your health for body and soul!

Smart people invest in health and fitness because they know that if they know that their investment is profitable.

Gym memberships start from 200 Aed in Dubai for example Gym Nation in Dubai 199 AED per month. But many of you guys forget about the time you need to invest in the gym…! You need at least 4 times per week, minimum 2 h workout(cardio+strength)  to have results so 8 hours weekly and 32 hours monthly!!!

In this 32 hours when you are busy to workout, who pays you? Time is money and if you work for just 25 AED Per hour what means 5000 AED per month? It’s at least 32 hours x 25 aed = 800 AED per month!! Plus minim 200 AED Membership = 1000 AED per month you lose!

Now what about motivation and the fitness  knowledges that you need to have to see the  results that you need? Otherwise all the money and time you spend in one month are wasted!!!

A Personal Trainer cost you at least 300 AED Per session x 4 times per week = 1200 AED per week x 4 weeks = 4800 AED + 200 AED the gym membership = 5000 AED per month you spend!! At Body Time we make you ? % fit with no time and no money ?!!


Simple, our German technology and 8 years experience as market leader in Europe and UAE makes it possible with just 20 minutes once per week!!! —-> which is definitely no time invested compared with the 8h that the classic gym require! Right?


Plus it cost you just 499 AED per month!!! Instead of 5900 AED! Yess Personal Trainer included for a monthly investment of ONLY 499 AED  !!!

Per week just 116 AED!!! —> Per day just 16 AED !!! Yesss unbelievable but true!

Come and convince yourself and start now to be fit and healthy for a lifetime with less time and less money!!!

Now tell me just one thing: is your health worth 16 AED per day??? Yesss of course how to refuse this amazing opportunity to be healthy and fit with no time and money!!!

Start today to get fit and be healthy !!

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Norbert Simonis

CEO & Founder, BODY TIME

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