Efficient EMS training.

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Body Time revolves around a method that has been successfully tried and tested in astronautics and sports medicine: EMS training, a highly innovative form of muscle stimulation.
Studies by the Sports University of Cologne and the University of Bayreuth have proven its exceptionally high degree of effectiveness.
EMS gets to work on low-lying muscle fibres straightaway and this is what makes EMS training particularly efficient.
Regardless of whether you want to bulk up those muscles or hit your weight loss goals: EMS training can be tailored to meet all training needs and brings fast and visible results.


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Norbert Simonis

CEO & Founder, BODY TIME



Thanks to Coach Norbert I have been able to strip 9 kg of fat from my body. I feel amazing and have started a new life. Thanks for showing me the way and giving me the tool to succeed



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31 Kg in just 8 Months!!!

31 Kg in just 8 Months!!!

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