Electronic Muscle Exerciser for Weight Loss

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The first thing to ask your self is whether you can actually “shock” yourself to be fit. Secondly is whether EMS works effectively for losing weight. An Electric Muscle Stimulation is a machine for exercising to lose weight. You may have seen it where guys lounges and electrodes stimulate their stomach and form instant 6- pack. Currently, these EMS are becoming common in fitness magazines and online shopping websites.

There is a reason why you should spend more time thinking about EMS workout weight loss. Here, there are the reasons why you need electronic muscle exerciser for weight loss:

Electrical Muscle stimulation Research

There is research about the effects of using high-frequency therapy in young women on their abdominal obesity. Besides, the trial was randomly controlled and therefore a perfect example to know the effectiveness of using Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

During the study, the subjects received similar high-frequency current therapy for 30 minutes using a series of electrodes that were on their stomach. These subjects were continued receiving their therapy sessions thrice a week for six weeks and therefore a total of 18 EMS sessions. As the research was taking place, those that were conducting the analysis used to measure body fat percentage, fat under the skin, body mass index and waist circumference.

The results were surprising especially after considering that the subjects didn’t modify their diets or exercises. The electrical stimulation leads to significant effect where there was a decrease in body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat mass, abdominal and waist circumference. This research made the researchers conducting the trial to conclude that it is essential to use high-frequency current therapy while reducing abdominal obesity to young women.

Besides, other studies have also shown that EMS is helpful especially for managing pain when helping to increase the muscle blood flow as a warm-up before performing related activities.

EMS is therefore not a complete sham when using it to lose weight. When you workout accurately using EMS, you will experience amazing results. If you work out well using this process, then you will have positive results. You will need to use your EMS units and do with a powerful unit known as “complex.” here, you can attach the electrodes to your hamstrings and quads as you do 5-10 sets of barbell squats or body weight. You should simultaneously be running an electrical current through your legs.

After that, you will be able to recruit more muscle fibers more than squatting, and it does the workout to become more difficult. Later, you can try to attach electrodes on your chest, shoulder or both and do some push-ups, bench press or overhead press for your upper body effect.

Depending on the Electrical muscle stimulation that you are using, you can choose the electrical intensity. With that, you will be able to increase your pulse and strength similarly as increasing weight amount for lifting to get stronger.


Using electronic muscle stimulation alone doesn’t bring fast effectiveness. It is essential to add regular exercises and appropriate diet. With that, you will have a change in appearance. However, using EMS significantly increases your effort effectiveness of getting stronger and losing body fats.


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