EMS For Bodybuilding Excellence

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Once a well-kept athletic secret, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is now widely used by boxers, martial artists and powerlifters. However, using EMS to meet the stringent, extreme, long-connected-with-real-physical-suffering goals of bodybuilding seems too good to be true. But as anyone who is now using EMS training for bodybuilding in Dubai or Abu Dhabi has known for decades now, effectively incorporating EMS into bodybuilding training routines has proven not only possible but wildly successful.

EMS For Bodybuilding

Some cutting-edge sports trainers have used EMS, known to stimulate muscle growth, for bodybuilding since the mid 20th century but it really started to catch on somewhere around the early 1970s. Specifically, in 1973 when the Central Institute of Physical Culture’s Dr. Y. Kots wrote a paper in which he outlined the possibility to surpass the results of using solely traditional voluntary muscle exertion training routines with the added incorporation of EMS in bodybuilding training regimens.

Benefits of EMS Training for Bodybuilding

Part of the enhanced benefit is this: muscle tension generated in a maximum EMS contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximum voluntary muscle contraction. Because EMS activates all the motor neurons in the stimulated area at the same time, a mostly isometric uncoordinated contraction occurs, as opposed to the wave motion energy of directed force generated by voluntary muscular contractions.

Whether using EMS Gym Training in Dubai or EMS training in Abu Dhabi, it’s important to remember that while EMS can enhance a bodybuilding routine, it must be used correctly in order to produce visible results.

Why Use EMS for Bodybuilding

There are two main ways to incorporate EMS into a bodybuilding training routine. First, as an additional method to strengthen muscles, improve appearance, and enhance physical training. Second, to provide relief from joint pain, muscle aches and stress that may otherwise inhibit or interfere with ongoing training.

Any place offering EMS physical therapy in Dubai would agree that a bodybuilding training plan using EMS for those purposes is doing the right thing to bring about success.

The most popular reasons for adding EMS for bodybuilding or athletic training are to quicken sensory-motor reaction time, increase muscle tone and definition, and enhance recovery. This happens as during EMS because the body is receiving micro-currents with frequency in the 40HZ to 2500HZ zone. These are seen by the body as bioelectrical signals and thereby stimulate muscle contraction.

No Steroids Required

Some say that Olympic contenders from certain nations have used EMS to attain the same impressive muscles once believed only to be achieved through steroid use. Using EMS training before a workout increases circulation and warms up your muscles and increase circulation, yielding vastly improved results over those who don’t use EMS at all, resulting in the look of steroid enhancement without the actual hazard.

It’s widely known that traditional muscle strength training cannot affect deep muscle groups. Any weight loss gym, Dubai or anywhere else, can vouch that EMS technology for weight loss is the most effective method for intensive training, productively stimulating muscles in the whole body with low frequency and mid frequency, achieving not only enhanced strength and tone but increase in both body coordination and body balance. This type of EMS muscle contraction training can gain muscle and lose fat, which is always a good thing whether training for bodybuilding or just for personal fitness.


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