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Body Time training with EMS suit in Dubai

Over the last few years, the unique EMS training has grabbed inconceivable attention In Dubai. EMS training has become promptly mainstream in fitness community because of its great Impact and efficiency. All successful people now try and believe it, due to the constantly growing reputation that gained over the last few years with thousands of clients who determined and managed to be healthy and fit. EMS training is the ultimate training method in the market, as it has the potential to help and develop many areas, including;

  1. a) A strength training tool for healthy individuals and athletes.
    b) A rehabilitation and preventive tool for partially or totally immobilized patients.
    c) A post-exercise recovery tool for athletes.

EMS training represents an effective training method which can be used to train all major muscle groups simultaneously in a time-efficient manner. It addresses and stimulates all muscle groups individually and jointly. Due to its unique and made-in-Germany technology and well-adjusted frequency of the EMS device, Miha BodyTec II, it can activate not only the external parts of the muscles, but also the deeper muscle fibers which cannot be engaged in a conventional workout.

At Body Time, we believe that you deserve to have your dream body exactly the way you like, so we offer a variety of training programs, utilizing different EMS exercises and modes (frequency, duration and intensity) and customized sports nutrition and dietary advice to create the perfect experience for our clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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