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What should we know about fat?

Everyone wants to lose weight, but what is the weight loss process?

It means we have a low percentage of body fat! But in order to lose weight or burn fat, we should understand what fat means, because, in the weight loss, it needs to be eliminated!

So, we take the following example, according to which 5 lbs = 2.26 Kg, measured both fat volume and muscle volume! Thus, we see that fat is 5 times more voluminous than muscles!

Now, the next question is: How do we get weak?

Before answering this question, we should let you know what mistakes we make when we want to lose weight, causing the well-known yo-yo effect!

The mistakes are:

  1. Starved us
  2. We are not doing sports, that means that we are not training our muscles mass.
  3. We keep unhealthy diets without involving the sports in our life.


Two essential things are critical to eliminating weakness:

  1. To eat more protein! Why?

Protein is the only substance that helps increase muscle mass and not fat. Protein helps to start a process in which our body temperature increases leading to burning fat!

  1. We can burn body fat just by using our muscles!

As our table muscle is greater, so we have a higher potential to burn fat in our body! Muscles help us burn fat even when you sleep 24 hours a day! That is why it is very important to develop muscles to burn fat. And do not forget that a defined body is more beautiful than the one full of fat.

From this, we can conclude that a fast and ineffective diet is very dangerous because it can lead to muscle loss, which automatically lowers the fat burning process.

Many people are excited when they see how fast weight decreases per a day, but what they do not understand is that the only thing that falls on the scale is muscle, that is 5 times heavier than fat which unfortunately keeps the honored place in our body.

The single most effective way to lose weight is to combine sports with a healthy diet based on high consumption of protein. Loading strengthens our muscles, they will burn fat 24 hours a day in our body. A perfect combination for guaranteed results in the future!

Body Time does exactly that! Coaches to help them grow muscles (muscle = fat burning engine) and eat foods with protein and amino acids (protein in liquid form) to enhance growth process!

It happens that many people who come to Body Time, do not understand why after several sessions have not got off the pounds that want to escape! Why? Because starters’ muscles grow, it is 5 times heavier! All you need to have is patience!! Who constantly check their body fat intake compared to that of muscle, you’ll see that percentage will increase in favor of the latter, therefore, for a period, it is likely to be the same number kg. But if we’re patient and follow our order, taking care of our diet, we will have the desired results.

We must understand that weight loss process cannot take place on the spot! Fat is the substance through which the blood does not circulate! On another side, the muscles are active blood being fed! To lose weight, you have to turn fat into muscle, and for this, we really need to do sports! Doing sports builds and operates the bloodstream to fat that is turned into muscles where it is burned! But the process is slow, it cannot occur from one day to another, just like the formation of these fat reserves did not occur from one day to another.

So, if you have decided that it is time to do something good for you and your body, then you’re welcome to Body Time to change fat into muscle and feel good in our skin.


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