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We offer private and partner sessions. The first (i.e. trial) session takes around 40 to 60 minutes. It consists of an initial consultation where the trainer will discuss your lifestyle, goals and potential injuries followed by a customised 20-minute EMS workout.
You don’t need to bring any special sports clothing. We will provide you with everything you need to do the workout, including towels in case you want to take a shower afterwards. We use the Miha BodyTec which provide the very latest EMS training technology.


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Ai Fitness iBody

Ai Fitness iBody

Revolutionizing Fitness with Ai Fitness at BODY TIME: Discover the Benefits of iBody (Intelligent Body) In the fast-paced world we live in, finding time for a traditional workout can be challenging. But what if you could lose weight with just 10 minutes once a week?...

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