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Fitness first Body Time timetable is a schedule that enables you to choose specific classes and time for your fitness training. Each timetable is particular to each fitness first club. Body Time timetables display to you the different training times to enable you to plan your time for the training. It also includes the different categories of fitness first Body Time training such as men only, ladies only and mixed fitness training. In each of the time allocate and training category in the Body Time timetable, there is a specialized and qualified fitness trainer earmarked to guide the whole fitness training process. To get to the Body Time timetable that you want, you can use the class finder, which helps you to find precisely the information you want. You can also search for fitness clubs and find the ones you want, and then choose to view the whole timetable or select specific classes from your selected clubs.

Types of fitness Body Time timetable can be in the following categories:

i. Personal fitness training timetable- this timetable has scheduled for the personal Body Time training with the specific professional personal trainer.
ii. Class fitness Body Time timetable-this involves a wide range of classes ranging from high-intensity exercises to simple ones.
iii. Group exercise fitness timetable- just as the class timetable, group exercise timetable contains the schedules for the group exercises in the gym.

Training Hours

The Body Time timetable shows the fitness pieces of training organized for morning, afternoon and evening hours. The morning hours start from 7 a.m. to 12noon or at times 12.30p.m. Afternoon hours run from 12noon 6.00p.m. Evening hours run from 6.00p.m. to 9.15p.m.

Training Days

Fitness training takes place throughout the week, both working days and weekends.

Training Activities

Body Time timetable highlights the specific exercises that carried out and the particular time in which they happen on a particular day.

The Activities Include:

• Body pump
• Body attack
• Reps per minute
• The Ultimate Fitness Firster
• Body combat
• 6D
• Corb
• Body conditioning
• Cycling
• Step
• Zumba
• Body art
• Pilates first
• Aqua aerobics
• Boxing
• Power yoga
• Flow yoga
• Circuit training

Every exercise activity listed above happens at different specific times of the day, therefore having your Body Time timetable will help you know when your best-fit action will take place.

Body Time Locations

Body Time is an international company; therefore, it is prudent to know the different areas of the many fitness health clubs in your region so that you get the right timetable since the timetables can be club-specific.

Taking the United Arabs Emirates as one of the worldwide locations, the following are some of the many fitness health clubs that are in its cities. You can identify the club near you and search for its training timetable.


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