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September 19, 2018
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Fitness Misconceptions You Should Discard

Myths exist in nearly all aspects of life, and the fitness industry is not left out. The reason they thrive in this sector is that exercise works differently for all of us. What worked fine for your neighbor or friend might not work out for you. Therefore, some of the everyday workout suggests are not universal truths.

Not all myths are or harmful. They are often are half-truths that only become harmful when followed to the letter. Some only hamper the benefits you can get from your workouts at our facility, Body Time UAE. So here are five commonly shared and accepted myths that you need to discard before starting your workout routine, or as you continue.

• More sweat implies thorough workout Not true.

Sweating is the body’s way of cooling itself. In fact, the body is not cooled by the pouring of the sweat but rather, its evaporation. As the temperature of the body rises, sweating increases. Therefore, the temperature of the environment, and not the amount or intensity of the workout, determines how much you sweat. You can sweat more while brisk walking on a sunny afternoon than during an hour of intense strength training.

• No pain no gain

It is probably the most harmful myth in the fitness industry. It implies that every beneficial workout session must be painful and you must feel sore for the next day or two. Soreness only shows that the tissues experienced significant stress. Pain during the workout is not a good thing as you might be ignoring an injury. So rest for a few seconds and see if the pain goes away. If it increases, see a doctor.

You need to work out every day

The fitness misconceptions probably sprung from exaggerated stories about the rich and famous working out daily. Since most of us want to be wealthy and healthy, we take this up as sound advice. However, the implication that each day’s workout is of equal intensity is false.
Each time you work out, you break down muscle fiber to rebuild stronger ones. As a result, your body needs time to recover from these “injuries.” The body needs a day or two active rest days to recover. That is, the workouts should not stress the body.

• Machines are safer and more convenient

Again, this is not a complete truth. It is true that exercise machines help in keeping proper body position and movement. But that is only true if the apparatus is appropriately adjusted. That is why you always need a trainer or a coach when using the machine. Otherwise, you are safer using free weights and other non-machine exercise techniques.

• Yoga helps with all types of back pains

It is true that yoga helps with back pains, but not all of them. Some backaches are due to injured or pinched discs. Yoga can worsen the injuries. Seek medical advice before visiting our center, Body Time UAE or the one close to you for yoga sessions. Your doctor will determine the best exercise, if required, for your pain.

Final Word

This list of myths is by no means exhaustive. It is critical to ensure that you double check every workout advice before putting it into practice.

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