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EMS Fitness Training at BODY TIME in Dubai for Busy Professionals without time to exercise daily and going to the GYM. Get Fit with just 20 minutes once a week. Full body workout in only 20 min

Are you looking for a personal fitness trainer in Dubai to help you live the best prenatal life? If you need safe and effective fitness results for pregnant women, choose Body Time EMS & Gym center, the Body Time gym trainers Dubai residents rate as number one.

Regular exercises during pregnancy work wonders for both the woman and her unborn baby. Not only does the fitness program for pregnant women improve posture but it also decreases the common discomfort expectant mothers feel, such as, stress, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation, backaches, pelvic pain, swollen legs, bloating, and fatigue. Body Time EMS training Dubai will help you to prevent morning sickness and achieve quicker postpartum recovery.

Increase Muscular Endurance during Pregnancy

At Body Time EMS & Gym, we have evidence that a fitness program for an expectant women can promote healthy throughout your pregnancy and also in the post-partum period. Over the years, our fitness endurance training have assisted hundreds of women relieve stress as well as build stamina in readiness for labor and delivery.

EMS Fitness Weight Loss Gym Dubai

When your back aches and your ankles swell because of the weight you add during pregnancy, training with EMS is the surest way to minimize the aches and pains. The friendly and courteous staff at our weight loss gym Dubai will guide you on the workouts that help to shed your excessive weight fast.

EMS Body Training To Reduce Stress

May be you have anxiety or perinatal depression. You will only need to contact our gym in Abu Dhabi for help in alleviating stress. In partnership with our gym trainer Dubai, you can enhance your strength for labor and recover from childbirth quickly. By being part of Body Time EMS training Dubai residents who are pregnant can improve their cardiovascular health too.

Healthy Nutrition Plan

EMS training and fitness lessons include the following heath nutrition plans:

• First trimester meal plan with dishes rich in folate to help your baby develop the nervous system and B6 to prevent nausea in the mother. The dishes are iron-rich to increase blood volume and oxygen intake.
• Second trimester meal strategy that is full of Vitamin D and calcium to develop strong teeth and bones as well as omega-3 fatty acids for the baby’s brain development.
• Third trimester meals that boost your energy and provide vitamin K, which heals the mother’s body after childbirth.

Guidelines for Exercises during Pregnancy

In consultation obstetricians, gynecologists, and experts on women’s health, we have developed EMS body training programs to address the complications women suffer during the prenatal months. We have the following body weight back workout programs:

• Prenatal yoga to boost your mood, relax the mind, and ease tension.
• Indoor cycling and spinning classes to improve blood circulation in expectant mothers in the second and third trimesters. During pregnancy, your body releases hormone relaxing to open up the uterus, and the expansion of the uterus can press the blood vessels thus lead to low blood pressure.
• Ballet lessons and group dancing that include minimal legwork, turns, squats, and low-impact jumping to prepare you for labor.
• Slow jogging and aerobics to prepare the body for the contractions during delivery.

Sign up for body weight back and pregnancy fitness classes now and look forward to safe and effective fitness results.


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