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There are various types of fitness trainig programs which includes multiple types of exercises and equipment to suit different individuals. When it comes to saving time, electrical muscle stimulation training (EMS) works perfectly since it only takes 20 minutes for you to train your muscle thoroughly, an activity that would have taken an hour to complete.

Furthermore, EMS training is implemented by the use of small electrodes that mimic the actions of the central nervous system by sending electrical impulses when placed on your skin or clothes. Consequently, the transmitted pulses during the training tend to reach the deep muscle layers that are difficult to activate during regular exercise.

Additionally, research has shown that electrical muscle stimulation training increases muscle tone as well muscular endurance way faster in comparison to the standard practice. Lifestyle changes in the 21st century have increased the number of individuals with back problems. Therefore sports scientist took measures to investigate effective methods that can be employed to help relieve the constant back pains.

Subsequently, EMS was cited to be very useful when it comes to decreasing back pain as the research shows that 88.7% of the participants who used it felt much better. Therefore the intensity and frequency of back pain among patients tend to have reduced as well as boosting their moods and increasing vitality. For effective transformation when using EMS one is supposed to have a healthy nutritional plan since nutrients are vital when it comes to burning fats as well as the development of the body.

Paying attention to your diet before and after an EMS training session is critical in enhancing one’s performance. Therefore for optimum performance, you shouldn’t eat 2 hours before exercise and consume food rich in carbohydrates. Also, before the EMS training session, having a snack an hour before being great to achieve high energy levels during the workout. Having carbohydrate food with a low glycemic index such as oatmeal is good since it provides the body with the necessary glucose for an optimal exercise.

Training with EMS is simple; once the EMS stimulates the muscle for you, you can, therefore, train your muscle through your whole body for every session. EMS isn’t new but has become more popular in recent years in countries like Dubai, where EMS training is a favorite workout tool. There are gyms in Abu Dhabi that are using the system of EMS because it is the best way to increase fitness, strength as well as flexibility. Moreover, this training tends to increase blood flow as well as a positive effect on your skin, and you can notice the result immediately after every session.

There are personal fitness trainers in Dubai that have advanced private training facilities. Dubai has world-class Body Time gym trainers who are certified when it comes to exercise prescription and instruction offering their clients a safe and effective fitness result. When it comes to body weight back workout, EMS does its best since it sends electrical pulses that cause contraction and relaxation of the muscles by activating the nerves in the body.


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