How EMS Recovery Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

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You might have come across some infomercials that promise an effortlessly way to get 8 pack abs barely without engaging into any training, but just by hooking up yourself to a machine and looking at it as it relax and contract your abs and then you are ripped and good to break the world records of the line of your career. To somebody with a shred of common sense and informed about the fattiness, this ideology seems preposterous by far, and in fact, it is. As a matter of fact, these outlandish daily infomercial promises are not valid because you cannot just get ripped by just sitting around your EMS Unit all day. The EMS has a lot of legitimate applications throughout the training, performance, EMS recovery settings, and rehab.

How Does the EMS Operate

The Electronic Muscle Stimulation Unit also is known as the EMS is a device designed in a way that it reproduces the human body’s natural process of free and voluntary muscular relaxation and contractions with the help of “standard or optimal” electrical impulses. Human body induces muscles by sending the electrical pulses or waves from your brain all through the central nervous system to the entire body muscles, thereby introducing the contraction. Just as the human bodies don’t know the key difference existing between deadlifts, similarly it also does not know the other difference between the electrically introduced contraction and the voluntary contraction. Your body will only recognize the stimulus. Optimal contractions induced by the EMS target specific type of muscles and qualities through various intensities of stimulation rhythm of contraction and the length of contraction.

The Applications of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

All this science is valid for your training and fitness goals. The EMS technology has a wide range of benefits for the weightlifters, rehab patient, and athlete but let’s discuss each of them into deeper details…

Warm up Quality

Using EMS as a part of your warm-up can be a very valuable tool, as it warms the muscle up with absolutely no energy expenditure on your part. Using an intermittent pulse setting on the EMS to bring blood into the muscle is a great low-cost option to begin a warm up with. As you know that there will be very long periods of time between being able to warm-up with an implement and when you actually compete with it and using EMS in the downtime will keep you warmed up without wearing you out.

EMS as a Recovery Enhancement

Utilizing the EMS method as a recovery option means is really valuable as it promotes the blood circulation which in turns help in nutritional transfer throughout the body and the body muscles hence hastening the body recovery process. Low-intensity recovery option works on EMS to enhance the capillary density which usually raises the temperature around the motor neurons, thus lowering the electrical resistance and allowing more fibers to adapt to the characteristics of the fast twitch fibers in response to a high-intensity workload. All these recovery protocols serve several and similar purposes of tempo tasks, in terms of inducing recovery benefits into your body.

EMS Recovery As The Rehabilitation Factor

One of the EMS uncongested benefits is about the rehabilitation protocol. In most cases, people get injuries because of lack of activation or relaxation of certain muscle groups in the body and inability to fire them, which impedes the recovery role to the body. After the injuries when the quad activation ability is lost, the EMS can be applied to fire all the muscles that are inactive and thereon begin to promote the EMS recovery which finally set the muscles ready and gain strength before you think of the same but this time around using the traditional method.

Wrap Up

The EMS method cannot make you become the most muscular man on the planet, the fastest sprinter ever lived or the most jacked bodybuilder, but is a valuable tool to improve your recovery process, strength, and rehab.


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