Body Time fitness workout with EMS suit
February 19, 2016
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February 22, 2016

Lose Weight Easily with EMS Fitness in Dubai

Body Time muscle targeted training with two female customers

Body Time muscle targeted training with two female customers

Shaping the body and losing weight are essential keys to good health. However, people face lots of challenges throughout the whole process. That’s why Body Time has brought EMS high-tech training to Dubai just for you!

Now, you can benefit from all the advantages that EMS training provides.

Here are some of them:

It assists the heart in pumping efficiently, as well as reducing the occurrence of high blood pressure. It positively escalates HDL (high-density lipoprotein) Cholesterol blood levels, the ‘good’ form of cholesterol that removes excess fats from the blood stream, which consequently reduces most of the cardiovascular diseases. A 20-minute training at Body Time will relief muscle tightness caused by unmanaged stress which leads to headaches, stomachaches and other types of discomfort or other diseases. Therefore, Body Time EMS training is not only effective for losing weight and burning fat, but also for reducing the risk of many diseases of cardiac and hypertension patients.

By the time, your muscles will gain great strength, that will enable you to exercise for longer periods of time and move much better. In fact, strong muscles provide greater support for the joints and daily activities. In addition, you can build up abdominal muscles, increase lung capacity, and protect yourself from back injuries or pain, you can increase also your upper body strength as well as reduce cellulite all at once! Only because Body Time 20-minute training will train all your 650 muscles at the same time. Our team of professional personal trainers is very well-trained and qualified enough to help you working on your goals and making them come true!

We are saving your precious time. Start now, you only need to spare 20 minutes of your time once per week to maintain your health and stay fit.

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