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September 13, 2015
Body Time EMS individual training with certified trainer in Dubai
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September 13, 2015

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Body Time EMS training at body tech machines

Body Time EMS training at body tech machines

Short and long-term training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation

Aim of study

The goal of this study was to compare classic strength training methods with dynamic whole body EMS with regard to their effects on strength and speed.


The results have shown that all types of strength training were able to improve maximum performance significantly. Maximum strength improved the most, 16%, within the hypertrophy group, followed by 9-10% for EMS. Only the EMS groups showed significant improvement in speed. The measured speed performance improved by about 30% significantly more than by classic methods (16-18%). This is certainly due to EMS’s direct control of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Mixed training designs such as EMS and classic hypertrophy training show the typical changes that result from the two training stimuli (a maximum 7% growth in strength and 12% improvement in performance). Combinations of classic and modem training procedures could thus open up new, promising configurations of stimuli. Long-term effects of whole body EMS must, in particular, be emphasized. These results have proved that the greatest boosts in performance appear after a two-week period of regeneration.


Compared with various types of training to boost strength and speed, dynamic whole body EMS training using miha bodytec devices has shown to be a highly effective training method. The whole body EMS was the sole form of training able to improve maximum sports performance in speed of movement. In addition, pronounced long-term effects are opening up new possibilities in training periodization. A carefully dosed amount of whole body EMS together with the dynamic execution of movement represents a promising combination for strength and speed training.

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