Muscle Strengthening With Body Time Electrical Stimulation

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Electrical Muscle Strengthening Stimulation training method sees the users wearing body suits that have electrodes attached for sending electric impulses in their body when they are working out. The impulses can activate their muscles up to 90 percent simultaneously. It is a trend that is growing and gaining popularity internationally. This method of strength training is not only reserved for men, but also for ladies willing to strengthen their muscles.

It is an advantage to do muscle strengthening with electrical stimulations because it helps an individual to gain mood and natural energy boost. You will feel stronger naturally and cope with your daily tasks adequately. For women, using EMS training is beneficial either physically or mentally. The highest and essential thing, especially to ladies, is to get a significant improvement. Here, there are the 3 greatest moments in EMS training for ladies Dubai history:

Training Without Injury

When using electric muscle stimulation, it helps in improving and maintaining the functional ability through exercise. Besides, the risk of getting an injury while training decreases and therefore, it becomes an excellent moment for ladies. The main essential thing while training is the correct technique, otherwise you might end up getting injuries.

Strength training is beneficial because it will increase your strength and density of bones, therefore reducing bone-related injuries or fractures. For women with hormonal imbalance, they benefit much from this training. Besides, the other group of women having a great moment with electrical muscle stimulation for muscle training is those who are nearing or have passed their menopause. When the estrogen in their body decreases due to the changes, it leads to a significant decrease in their bone density.

When you do regular strength training, it can help to stabilize your hormonal levels in your body.

Building Strength Without Bulking Up

There is a misconception where women think that they can develop bulging muscles after doing strength training. The best moment for ladies is that even after strength training, their muscles don’t bulge up, so they should not miss the many benefits. Through research, women are known to gain muscles similar to men, but the differences occur due to hormones where women have 10 to 30 times less anabolic hormones that cause the muscle hypertrophy.

When most women do regular strength training, it creates for them better definition and tone throughout their body although they won’t get muscle bulk.

Improving Their Moods

Strength training has many tremendous and physical benefits, but it is also important to have mental benefits. When you train using Body Time EMS, your body releases endorphins which are “happy” hormones. This hormonal release is an advantage that helps in improving women mood. When their body releases these hormones during and after their exercises, they act as an anti-depressant, and they will not have side effects, unlike medication.

When on medication, it’s essential to work closely with a medical doctor and should not be the sole replacement for anti-depressants. Generally, when you do strength training, you will gain more strength, endurance and focus leading to more happiness and energy.


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