You are not totally powerless against pregnancy stretch marks! Discover how

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Body Time for post pregnancy stretch marks

You, mommy, have just had your baby, and now you are suffering from annoying stretch marks. No time for exercises and busy all the time, less sleeping hours, and no way to start a fitness program in order to get back your pre-pregnancy body. But what fitness program can you start? And how long does it take to get back in shape?

Before suggesting the ultimate solution for stretch marks, it’s important to know what your body has gone through to help you understand how and when to start again properly. During pregnancy, various changes, physical and psychological, occur, particularly during the late period of pregnancy. You may experience sudden hormonal imbalances, feel aches and pains throughout your body. And more importantly, the long, narrow streaks, called Stretch Marks that appear on the surface on your skin as a result of the sudden stretching of the skin.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 90% of women are more likely to develop stretch marks on different areas of their bodies. Stretch marks occur mainly when the body is stretched noticeably over a short period of time, exactly like in pregnancy. The rapid growth causes the internal skin tissue to tear and let the deeper layers of skin to appear, forming stretch marks. Particularly regular during the third trimester of pregnancy, they are a major source of concern for millions of women. Slightly hateful in appearance, stretch marks have an extremely significant impact on women’s psychology, causing many mood swings and possibly leading to anxiety and much stress, even though stretch marks have no physical risk to the mother’s or the baby’s health. Most probably, stretch marks cannot be prevented completely during pregnancy but your skin can be treated to look tight.

The current treatments are significantly limited in their ability in achieving long-lasting improvements for all types of skin. There is no evidence that ointments, lotions or gels can be used during the pregnancy to avoid developing stretch marks. Furthermore, various treatments have been tested and no useful one helped in stretch marks removal after pregnancy. Stretch marks don’t usually fade out over time especially with aging since most of the treatments help only make those stretch marks less noticeable.

On the other hand, Electric Muscle Stimulation has recently emerged as the trend for body toning and maintaining a healthy body. Bearing in mind the challenges that busy ladies face trying to manage their time between work, home and kids. The main benefit of EMS is its ability to train and strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as the pelvic floor muscles. Body Time EMS can strengthen the abdominal muscles back after pregnancy by stimulating the connective tissue so that the muscles will be toned efficiently resulting strong muscles and tight skin. People basically go to the gym, as they want to look better, lose weight, reduce cellulite and, more importantly, to get rid of stretch marks. With conventional workout, it takes so long time along with an incredible physical effort to tone your muscles and tighten your skin effectively. Yet, with Body Time EMS, only 20 minutes, once per week are tailored perfectly to efficiently stimulate all your body muscles. The unique benefit of Body Time EMS is that it targets the muscle groups independently since the electric impulses are sent directly to the most common areas affected by stretch marks like lower stomach, hips, breasts and buttocks. The training is effortless, as your muscles will neither sore nor get tired, you’d rather feel comfortable, pleased and most of all happy with your shaped body.

One last point, Body Time EMS training has been proven as the safest method for muscle stimulation, however, it’s not strongly recommended during pregnancy. Of course, Body Time EMS can be an ideal partner for rehabilitation and reshaping of the body after childbirth. It perfectly strengthens the muscles and tightens the skin, that’s why it is the most efficient way to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite after pregnancy. The chance is yours ladies, seize it now and come back in shape as fast as possible.

Briefly, if your stretch marks make you feel unpleased, irritated, anxious or lack your self-confidence. You are in absolute need of smart fitness program, able to fade those stretch marks out. Based on this, Body Time EMS has proven to be the optimum and the most effective solution for those so-annoying stretch marks. You don’t have to feel shy any more, getting back in shape has become easier than ever with Body Time EMS. Make the wonderful recovery after 9 months of pregnancy, it takes only 20 minutes. Make up your mind now, and leave the rest to Body Time.


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