• I began working out when I was 16 years old. I had no idea what I was doing when I first walked into a gym. I […]
  • After leaving the Forces in November 2018, I gained a huge amount of unwanted weight. I came across Coach Norbert and his workouts and diet plans […]
  • Best toning program I ever did in my life. I saw their ADS on Facebook and got curios… I try and Bam it was amazing the […]
  • I purchased the 12 weeks transformation around March I believe, I thought I’d never see abs. I want everyone to see my hard work! I followed […]
  • I love the meal plans. It makes it so easy, the foods are all available and a regular grocery store and are quick and easy to […]
  • Thanks to Coach Norbert I have been able to strip 9 kg of fat from my body. I feel amazing and have started a new life. […]
  • I followed your meal and training routine and I’ve put 8 Kg of mass. In the before picture I’ve been training for 5 months but didn’t […]
  • After 12 surgeries over 9y and in such a Bad place in my head I saw Norbert Simonis on YouTube and thought i would give the […]
  • Wow! What an incredible journey it has been, since doing Body Time 12 week transformation my life is truly changing! I dont say ‘changed’ cause it […]
  • Being coached by Coach Norbert was awesome the training style was totally different from what I was used to being from a combat sports background..also being […]
  • Ill keep it short and simple lol. For 3.5 years, I suffered from depression and anxiety. Was over weight and unbothered by it LOL. I managed […]
  • Body Time has completely changed my life, and I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for help to start here!
  • So far I’ve been using the meal plan from Coach Norbert. Over 6 months my weight went down to 59kg. I highly recommend the Coaching from […]
  • I have always struggled with gaining weight and muscle. Coach Norbert made it easy to obtain these results by following the information he provided with his […]
  • I followed your meal and training routine and I’ve put 2 KG of mass and lose 4 KG of fat obviously. In the before picture I’ve […]
  • First, when I started the program with BODY TIME I started seeing progress in like a week! It was a great program and I wanna thank […]
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