Roles & Responsibilities Of A Strength Coach

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Becoming a strength and workout coach, can mean a lot of things,  but for most people it will primarily mean  making a career out of helping others reach their  muscle growth and fat loss goals.

Because the right workout is just one of many important factors here, you also need to be familiar, with things like nutrition,  recovery and the overall mindset  of self-improvement.

Fulfilling your role as a coach  also comes with a few responsibilities.

First you need to be able to teach and help people exercise properly.

This includes knowing about  the most common gym exercises  which muscles they target  and how they should be included  in a well-rounded workout program.

Of course you also need to be a mental coach  so you not only want to teach people but also motivate them.

Bodybuilding should be your passion and the more you share your passion with others, the more impact you can have on their lives.

Showing them how to exercise correctly is just a part of that.

As you probably know fitness is a lifestyle. 

So you want to help your clients adopt this lifestyle and show them that exercising and being healthy, can be fun and it doesn’t have to be boring.

The best way to do this is by designing individual fitness programs for each of your clients.

That way you can tailor the exercises and training sessions, to their specific goals and make sure they aren’t doing something, that they don’t like.

For example many people don’t like barbell squats, but still want to train their legs.

No problem.

Sit down with them and try to figure out, which type of exercises they might like more.

Maybe it’s the Hack Squat machine or maybe it’s lunges. 

As you will see the most important step is, adjusting their fitness routine, to their lifestyle and not the other way around.

Once you two have come up with a program, you also want to help your client, through their workouts and provide them with all the vital information, to see long term results.

This means tracking their progress and making adjustments along the way.

Please understand that a good coach has the potential to change lives. 

If you use your knowledge and expertise correctly, you will not only earn a living doing what you love, but also help others achieve their personal goals.

This really can be a dream job.

To your success 

Your Health & Wealth Mentor.

Norbert Simonis


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