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EMS Fitness Training at BODY TIME in Dubai for Busy Professionals without time to exercise daily and going to the GYM. Get Fit with just 20 minutes once a week. Full body workout in only 20 min


As an Online Sales Representative at Body Time, you will be an essential part of our Team. This position is responsible for creating the best possible Body Time experience for all prospective members and service inquiries. The key focus of this position is to drive membership sales by establishing a rapport with prospective members to convert their inquires into a training appointment or sale.


  • Respond to all internet leads through telephone, email and text communication
  • Maintain an established script and pitch to provide consistent experience for potential members.
  • Execute online sales and, if necessary assess, design and implement strategies for enhanced execution of online sales
  • Communicate proactively to our studio team members regarding sales leads and appointments to ensure successful transition from internet lead to in-studio guest
  • Identify, develop and execute in conjunction with Body Time Mission and Vision
  • Other dues as assigned


  • Equivalent work experience desired
  • Prefer minimum 1 year of relevant work experience in fitness related field or real estate
  • Some personal training/fitness knowledge preferred
  • Proven track record of individual success
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, both written and verbal


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Norbert Simonis

CEO & Founder, BODY TIME

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