How Social Media Damages Our Body Images!?

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In nowadays life, social media has wonderfully benefited us in various ways, either to connect with others, share experiences opinions or express ideas. Yet, it may have a dark side, especially when it comes to appearance, body image, and shape. Since, people usually spend a great deal of time checking out how they look compared with others like friends, peers, and celebrities, and spend more time discussing appearance and beauty standards. Correspondingly, 57% of ladies have admitted to changing or editing their own photos before posting them on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Meanwhile, a true body can be built easily and effortlessly with the backing of fitness technology. Using the revolutionary training of EMS will definitely help you achieve a body shape that you would love to share on all social media platforms without concerning about how people may judge your appearance.

The Rise of Photo-Editing Apps!

In fact, social media is undoubtedly putting most of the users under much pressure, as they always hope to look their very best, the matter that often tears down when we are compared to the ideal bodies we see elsewhere. With the huge rise of mobile apps like Photo Editor, Photowonder and much more, editing the personal images for social media has spread widely among a big bunch of users. There are 2 main reasons behind this:

  1. On one hand, most of the ladies want to embrace the way their bodies look and exposed to the others. They always compare their bodies to the others especially those ideal celebrities and models who have killer bodies.
  2. On the other hand, a big deal of users tends to give much care to the others’ opinions and reviews about their own bodies. The issue which leads them to use such apps for the sake of looking brilliant, sexy and appealing.

Consequently, a recent study showed that 70% of social media users, including both genders, feel anxious, distressed and unpleasant about their weight, body shape, and overall appearance. They are usually worried about looking somehow overweight, not curvy, lanky or having flabby stomach or butt. Hence, it is not only the exposure of photos that matters but also, the pressure you may go through to have a perfect profile picture or Instagram photo.

The Ultimate Training

Whilst EMS training is a revolutionary full body training that is able to train and engage all your body muscles at once, and most importantly, with high intensity. EMS training has been approved as an efficient and worthwhile method for shedding the excess weight, having a toned body and getting the body shape you dream of, in 4x less time than any conventional physical workout. EMS currently is widely used by professional athletes, celebrities and public figures who want to tone your body. Here are some potent reasons that drive thousands of individuals to use EMS training around the UAE:

  1. No Physical Workout

    It is the only fitness training that you can go through with minimal physical effort. EMS can successfully reach all the major muscle groups in your body, all at once!

  2. Fit in a Fraction of Time!

    Time is the most precious thing we have in life. Based on this concept, we made it short! EMS training session takes only 20 minutes, once per week, so you can tone your body, lose weight, get in shape and look fabulous in a time-saving manner.

  3. Guaranteed Results

    When we talk about results, we wouldn’t like to talk about how studies and researchers proved the amazing results delivered by EMS training. Yet, we would rather like to shed light on the testimonials of EMS users who experienced it and achieved outstanding results. “In the last 2 months, I have been using EMS training and I have witnessed huge progress in getting back in shape. The session is nice and the trainers are so helpful…” said Rachelle Matthew, a Cypriot businesswoman living in Dubai.

Generally speaking, social media could be truly toxic for any one’s body image. It is damaging and it causes much pressure since appearance is central to social appeal. That’s why most of the individuals prefer to edit or add filters to the selfies they want to share on their personal social profiles. Regardless the fact that there is a real chance for anyone to start a new cutting-edge training that delivers real guaranteed results in a very short time; 20 minute per week. The effectiveness of EMS training lies in its ability to activate and stimulate all your body muscles altogether without adding extra stress on your joints or backbone. Remember, all your fitness goals are within your reach now and can be achieved only by making one decision.


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How to get fit easy and fast at BODY TIME?

How to get fit easy and fast at BODY TIME?

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? EMS (Electro-Muscular Stimulation) fitness training is a cutting-edge workout method that can help you to achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently. By using low-frequency electrical impulses, EMS...

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Get a FREE Gift Voucher 1500 AED

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