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Body time fitness training for females in Dubai

We, in Body Time, believe that health is the most valuable thing in our lives. So, our device, miha bodytec, has been through many experiments in order to reach the highest standards of health and efficiency and to be certain that it does not have any side effects on anyone’s health. There are many studies which were done by experienced scientists and specialists in the best universities and health networks in Germany. Consequently, we have made sure that our unique training is 100% safe and effective.

Six studies have been summarized and can be open by clicking on them.

University of Bayreuth (2002): The whole body electromuscular stimulation (EMS training) for back ailments

Medical Sports Network (2007): Short and long-term training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (2009): The effect of whole body electrical stimulation on the resting metabolic rate, anthropometric and muscular parameters of older people. The Training and Electromyostimulation Trial

Erlangen-Nuremberg University (2009): Influence of adjuvant EMS training on body composition and cardiac risk factors in older men with metabolic syndrome

AVM Verlag, Munich (2010): Electrical muscle stimulation as whole body training – Multicenter study on the use of full body EMS in fitness centers

Bad Oeynhausen Heart Clinic (2010): Electromyostimulation (EMS) in cardiac patients. Is EMS training becoming significant for secondary prevention?

Excellent results are commonly obtained regarding muscle growth and preservation in therapeutic areas, such as after an injury or an operation. It is, also, important that there is no acute inflammation and that the healing process is fully completed.

When the musculature stimulation is missing, it results in, firstly, muscle weakness and then rapid degradation. Consequently, extensive rehabilitation and training periods have to be completed by patients. EMS training is an effective strength training which keeps joint load to the minimum. It can, therefore, actively counteract the muscle degradation process.

Another important EMS therapy application regards the treatment of back pain. The advantages here lie in the simplicity of the EMS training exercises, which result in a stable muscle corset. The weak, passive structures of the spine are stabilized via certain static and dynamic movements, which can be integrated into the EMS training. This causes stimulation of the surrounding musculature as well as the lower muscle layers, and resultantly a gentle increase in strength is achieved in a short period of time.


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