How Successful People Make the Most of Their Ems Gym Training Dubai
March 23, 2019
Why You Should Focus on Improving Ems Technology for Weight Loss
March 23, 2019

The Benefits of EMS Training

Can you imagine deriving the benefits of a 3-hour workout in 25 minutes? Yes, it is possible with the new wave of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) program at our Body Time EMS training center in Abu Dhabi. EMS is a relatively new concept across the world, but research has revealed that benefits from EMS training are not only physical but also psychological.

To help you understand the unbeatable benefits of EMS that you will get from our training center, we have compiled a list of advantages of EMS technology for weight loss and general health and well-being.

What is EMS?

At our Body time EMS center, we place small electrodes plugged to electricity against your clothes or skin. After plugging in, electric impulses are sent to your muscles to activate and contract your muscles, intensifying the workout in a way that your body cannot do on its own. Once you are all hooked up, one of our certified personal trainers guides you through a personalized workout that is sure to get you results.

EMS to Stimulate Muscle Growth

Are you an athlete looking to stimulate muscle growth? Look no further; research has revealed that EMS stimulates muscle tissues that are deep below the surface and more difficult to activate through conventional training sessions. During training, the EMS machine helps to extend the muscles contraction time, therefore, resulting in a more intensified workout, and faster muscle growth that would otherwise be impossible during a typical workout session.

EMS for Weight Loss

By the age of 30, we start losing a percentage of our muscle mass, and this significantly reduces our ability to lose weight. However, at our Body Time EMS gym training center in Dubai, we will help you shed the extra pounds faster and easier through our customized EMS workout sessions. As a result of the increased muscle activity made possible by EMS, your energy level and metabolism increases and this results in your burning more calories.

Additionally, EMS helps in body shaping and contouring, regenerates connective tissues, and reduces cellulite. EMS training is your perfect complement to a diet plan. EMS for people with weak bones Workout can be tough for people with weak bones as a result of arthritis or sore joints, and choosing the right workout regime can be difficult. High- impact workout such lifting weights and running can prove impossible, however, with EMS, individuals with sore or brittle bones can exercise their muscles through electrical stimulation.

During EMS, stress on bones and joints is minimal as the impulse directly triggers the deep skeletal muscles. Finally, with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle among many individuals, EMS training helps to stimulate the muscles in the back and torso, hence, improving posture and reducing back pain. Is EMS training safe? At Body Time our EMS training center, we have professional staff, and all our EMS equipment are regulated to ensure all your training sessions are safe. However, do not perform any workout without the full guidance of your instructor, or in pain to avoid injuring your muscles. To conclude, EMS is the perfect workout choice if you have limited time to engage in physical activity.

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