Why You Should Focus on Improving Ems Technology for Weight Loss
March 23, 2019
What is EMS Training?
May 9, 2020

The Evolution of Ems Training Abu Dhabi

If you want to enjoy a longer, healthier life, you need to stay fit. To burn fat, build muscle, and otherwise get in shape, you need to work out and maintain a healthy diet. It’s not exactly as easy as it sounds, but it works. Admittedly it takes a lot more effort for some than others depending on the body type to achieve the desired results. But what if there was a more efficient workout technology that could help you achieve your fitness goals faster by doing most of the work?

That’s Body Time EMS training for you. It may sound impossible but Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS training, helps you gain muscle without exercising intensely. EMS technology for weight loss gives you an opportunity to get fit and healthy in a short span of time. This new fitness technology allows you to engage your full musculature and train 90 percent of your body’s muscle fiber in a short workout session. Try Body Time EMS gym training Dubai to experience the benefits of this new fitness technology.

How It Works

EMS training involves the use of electrodes to send electrical impulses to target muscle groups, which improves their natural contraction and enhances growth. The electrodes are attached to different parts of the user’s body depending on which muscles you’re targeting. In some cases, special outfits fitted with electrodes to facilitate both active and passive training are used. EMS training Abu Dhabi makes workouts more efficient by activating your muscles from the outside while you activate them from the inside.

The intense vibrations created by the impulses cause the muscles to ‘micro-contract’ up to 40 times per second, which is 20 times more than the number of times individuals will voluntarily contract their muscles during exercise. Bosy Time EMS training allows individuals to burn fat and build muscle without using heavy weights which is better because training with heavy weights strains your joints and often leads to injury. For years, celebrities and famous athletes such as Usain Bolt and Heidi Klum have been using EMS training to stay in shape.

History of EMS Training

Before making its way into the fitness industry, EMS technology was, and still is, a popular treatment tool in medical practice. Since it does not strain joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments, EMS training is used as a preventative tool for immobilized patients and other rehabilitation purposes. EMS training is highly recommended for people recovering from accidents as well as those suffering from chronic pain such as back pain. This is because building lean muscle helps relieve pressure on tendons, ligaments, and joints.

More recently, experts have found a way to incorporate EMS technology in fitness. This workout technique involves sending electrical impulses to the muscles to increase the intensity of the strength training session and stimulate muscle growth. EMS training can activate 90 percent of the muscle fibers at the same time and has a variety of health benefits for both men and women. EMS training Abu Dhabi will help you combine personal training with EMS to give your musculature a deeper, more effective workout within a short time span.

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