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September 13, 2015
AVM Verlag, Munich (2010)
September 13, 2015

University of Bayreuth (2002)

Body Time EMS training Example

Body Time EMS training Example

Whole Body Electromuscular Stimulation (EMS Training) for back ailments

Aim of study

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of extensive EMS training on back ailments.


The study has shown that 88.7% of the participants saw a reduction in back ailments, with significant relief from the complaints in 38.8% of the cases. A slight improvement in the general complaint condition resulted in 41.9% of the cases. The frequency and the intensity of the complaints also declined sharply during the training time frame. In addition, the EMS training led to the following general effects: 61.4% of the individuals reported an improvement in their general complaint condition, 75.5% saw an improvement in their mood, 69.4% registered increased vitality, 57.1% of the men and 85.7% of the women perceived noticeable improvement in body stability, 50% of the subjects asserted positive effects on their body contour, and 75.5% felt more relaxed after the training.


Whole body EMS training combats back ailments, a common condition, very effectively. The current EMS training evidently engages even deep muscles that can only be reached with conventional treatment measures with much difficulty. The special whole body EMS training represents a time-saving, very effective all-around training that achieves far-reaching, positive health effects. Since therapeutic as well as preventive objectives are achieved simultaneously.

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