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September 10, 2018
EMS doesn’t just exercise and build up your muscles.
September 10, 2018

What makes Body Time so special?

It’s simple; we combine the best in Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology with expert personal training, to help you get the results you want, fast.  This amazing fitness technology originated in the fields of sports medicine and it is a completely safe, stress-free and effective way of super-charging the natural effects of exercise.

Forget training alone in a large gym, working your way from one bit of equipment to the other several times a week. With Body Time, all it takes is 20 minutes a week, in a small ‘micro-studio’, under constant supervision from an expert personal trainer.

We use bespoke EMS technology to target all of the hard-to-reach muscle groups that are so difficult to workout through conventional exercise.  This means you can expect to see rapid improvements in all of your ‘problem’ areas, such as the waist, hips, stomach, bottom, chest, arms and legs.


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Body Time EMS is the fastest and the most effective way to weight loss, body toning, muscle gaining, leading to overall better health and the Body Shape you work for.

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