Why We Love EMS Physical Therapy

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One of the biggest fitness trends to catch on in big cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai is Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, which practitioners use for both weight loss and bodybuilding. While it’s becoming gradually well-known in fitness circles as a welcome addition to traditional workout routines, EMS technology has been long been used regularly for physical therapy to treat a number of conditions, all of varying degrees of distress.

Body Time EMS gym training is meant mainly to stimulate muscle growth for those who wish to define and tone, but EMS physical therapy has different purposes and aims for different outcomes.

Muscle Rehabilitation

When some people suffer an injury, like a sprained ankle or a broken arm, this may leave certain muscles in their body unused for an extended period of time. Others may have some kind of accident or come down with a condition that affects their brain and the way it communicates to particular muscle groups.

EMS can be used early on during the physical rehabilitation process. Electrical stimulation forces targeted muscles to contract, thereby “re-educating” those muscles which would otherwise be out of use.

This kind of physical therapy can help re-build weak muscles, as well as strengthen the cognitive link between the brain and the body.

Since this is early-stage rehabilitation, patients would eventually move on to more challenging exercises to recover fully. But EMS is an excellent place to start the sometimes long process.

Reversing Muscle Atrophy

Various medical conditions can be responsible for the atrophying of muscles. EMS can decrease the rate at which muscles deteriorate and sometimes prevent muscle atrophy altogether by keeping problem muscle groups active.

Preventing Pressure Sores

Pressure sores can become a major problem in those people who are required to apply constant pressure to certain parts of their body. Those who are confined to wheelchairs, beds, or other kinds of equipment are most prone to pressure sores.

EMS can decrease the appearance of pressure sores, as well as help maintain body shape and avoid deformities caused by constant pressure.

Fighting Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a medical condition in which joint tissues degrade. It can be painful and sometimes even debilitating.

Studies have shown that EMS training is particularly effective in elderly patients who come down with osteoarthritis after major hip arthroplasty surgery.

EMS is also particularly beneficial in building up knee extensor muscles.

The Bottom Line

We of course love EMS gym training for fitness-minded individuals who are concerned about weight loss and basic strength training. But the fact that EMS can be used for physical therapy is also appealing.

It’s one thing to incorporate EMS into your regular workout. But it’s a whole other amazing thing when you can use EMS to help you recover after a serious accident or illness.

Fortunately, access to both EMS gym training and EMS physical therapy is becoming increasingly accessible in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and many other cities. As word of mouth about EMS continues to spread, convenient access to EMS for whatever purpose you want to use it for will undoubtedly increase.


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