Will Electric Muscle Stimulation Fitness Ever Rule the World?

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EMS training is making its way to the fitness world. Many gyms and fitness centers have adopted this new technology due to its handful benefits which include; burning calories and building muscles with minimal time and effort. The pricing for an EMS session is relatively high compared to the regular gym.

History of EMS training

Before getting to the question of whether Electric Muscle Stimulation fitness training will ever rule the world, we need to get a brief history of how EMS started. Though EMS training seems like a modern training method, its origin dates back in the 18th century and beyond.

• In ancient time, 200BC, a man named Galenus found that natural electric impulses could treat health complications such as headaches and grout. Through the appliance of his later experiments, he was the first to discover that EMS could be useful in strengthening muscles.
• Luigi Galvani (1761) was the first person to provide scientific evidence on how current can activate the muscle.
• More research done in the 19th and 20th century discovered that body functions induced by electrical stimulation cause long-term changes in muscles.
• In 1939, scientists had evidence that shown mammals experienced muscle contraction when subjected to the electric current. In 1971, the research was proved to be useful to humans as well with the research subject’s showing a 40% strength gain.
• By the 1990s, EMS had become a regular feature in fitness workouts and physiotherapy.

Since its initiation in the 18th century, electric muscle stimulation fitness training (EMS) has shown rapid development. In today’s world, it has been applied in therapy to deal with pain and muscle recovery. It is essential to know that EMS has been part of the sport in the last few decades.

EMS training in today’s world

EMS workout has a scientific backup of achieving fast and sustainable results that boost fitness levels. The electrical impulses spread to each part of the body activating each muscle group. If you compare conventional training to Electric Muscle Stimulation fitness, EMS outshines it in many ways. EMS offers the advantage of intense workout in much less time. The exercise improves performance, i.e., you will feel stronger, healthier, rejuvenated and fresh. The points below show how EMS technology is being used in enhancing the practice.

Today, Electric Muscle Stimulation fitness training is used in fitness training for athletes and professionals who are looking for efficient fitness in a short time-span.
EMS technology is used by astronauts to bolster up muscle atrophy.
It is used in physiotherapy sessions for many reasons; they include; decreasing pain and inflammation, improving blood circulation, and proper muscle contraction.

The future of EMS training-weight loss

With the development of EMS technology, it is much likely that EMS training will rule the world. Imagine, if a 20-minute EMS workout is the same as 3 hours of conventional practice, who will continue spending more time doing hard training yet there is a useful short way of attaining physical fitness? The reason as to why EMS is effective in muscle build up is because of its specific muscle recruitment order, and it takes a short time.


In conclusion, EMS training has stormed in the world, and with this technology, exercising has been made easy. For professionals’ who are busy and do not find time to go to the gym, EMS training can be ideal for you.


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