Our values are a binding “inner compass” – in daily business as well as in strategic decisions. There are values that are based on our “Code of Values,” on important intrinsic “rules”:

Uncompromising customer focus
Utmost authenticity
Integrity in the system and team
Farsightedness and sustainability
Identification with the brand
Fun and joy at work

“The young generation” is a matter of great importance for us:

Young people need – and want – not just pretty words, but prospects. Therefore, education is a subject that may be neglected in the fitness industry no longer. Our goal is to make as many young people fit for demanding professional tasks. So they have the best prospects not only in the fitness and health sector, but can contribute their skills in many other areas of economic life. Body Time has set itself the goal of becoming the best employer and trainer of the international fitness industry. Our versatile support measures – inter alia, a comprehensive training system with its own Academy and online skills tests, as well as many internal system advancement opportunities, we are well on our way to it.

We do not act randomly. But according to clear rules.

Training with responsibility.

We are sure: Given the urgent questions of the future is also the fitness industry which does not avoid their multiple social, environmental and economic impacts to be aware and to review their business models always on sustainability and future viability. Body Time wants to play a leading role here.

Ecology as a challenge.

We all commit everyday actions that considered on its own little impact on the environment. But all in all, they have a considerable impact on the ecosystem – both positively and negatively. It is, therefore, important that everyone starts at itself and its “ecological footprint” is minimized. Especially in a franchise system: a positive example here is exemplified, the effect potentiated by the many imitators particularly quickly.

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