Our goal is creating society of fitness conscious clients around the world with our first class professional service. We aim to help people worldwide reach their fitness goals faster and easier to give them a healthier lifestyle and a better future. By working only with professional personal trainers who motivate our clients to start changing their lifestyles and be more active we give our clients the tools, guidance and service to stay forever healthy. Time is our biggest asset and at Body Time we save time.

Train smart not hard! Body Time - it’s YOUR time!

- Educating and guiding people all around the world about how effective and life changing Body Time is. 

- Training clients all over the world helping them reach their fitness goals and dreams in a fun, nurturing and results based environment. With our excellent customer service we retain clients for a long time by keeping them active and fit.

- Hiring and working with only the best fitness professionals with excellent personality, experience and a natural ability to lead our customers to success by reaching their future fitness goals faster. 

- Enable the world to be filled with healthy and fit people using our effective time saving method. 

- A strong team of professionals with a high teachable index and great attitude who have teamwork and client satisfaction at the heart of they do. Our professional staff want to help change the world by acting fast daily to reach this goal.


- Results

- Passion

- Fun

- Caring

- Safety

- Integrity

- Responsibility

Body Time - it’s your time

Train smart not hard. At body time we save you time by bringing you in shape faster and easier.
Ready To Get your Dream Body?

Body Time EMS is the fastest and the most effective way to weight loss, body toning, muscle gaining, leading to overall better health and the Body Shape you work for.

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