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Weight Loss, Build Muscles, Cryo Therapy & Personal EMS Fitness Training in Dubai near you. Personalized Nutrition & Workout. Best Fitness System In The World. Get Your Desired Dream Body and Dream Live WITHOUT Exercising daily and wasting your time at the GYM!

Experience Eximia Body Contouring, designed to achieve the perfect shape with a reduction of 3 to 7 centimeters in waist size per session!

Ai Fitness iBody Weight Loss

Gey iBody Ai Fitness Home Training System

Experience the power of EMS Training from HOME, on vacation, or while on the go! Discover the most effective workout globally, delivering optimal results in just 10 to 20 minutes per week. Get fit anytime, anywhere!



Weight Loss, Toning, and Building Muscles with just 20 minutes once a week. At BODY TIME, The Future Of Fitness. Do you want to lose weight or build muscles? EMS Workout once a week replaces a week of GYM with 20 minutes only.

Experience healing and treatment for various diseases, including previously untreatable conditions, through a single three-minute session of cryotherapy. Consult your doctor for guidance and witness improvements in your health, recovery, and overall well-being.

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    Eximia Dubai Best Results Weight Loss Fast
    Eximia Dubai Best Results Weight Loss Fast

    Results Eximia Dubai

    Reduction of 3 to 7 centimeters in waist size per session!

    Body Contouring in Dubai with Eximia


    Quick help with: Back Pain, Headache, Neck Pain, Knee & Hip Problems

    Pack Pain Relief

    Back Pain Relief

    Are you tired of dealing with persistent back pain that hampers your daily activities and quality of life? Discover a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technologies with personalized training to alleviate your discomfort and help you regain a pain-free life.

    Get rid of headache

    How to get rid of Headache?

    Are you tired of battling throbbing headaches that disrupt your daily life? Discover the incredible power of Cryotherapy and EMS Training to alleviate your pain and bring you the relief you’ve been longing for.

    Neck Pain Relief

    Neck Pain Relief

    Are you tired of waking up every morning with a stiff and aching neck? Does neck pain prevent you from enjoying your daily activities to the fullest? We understand your struggle, and we have the answer you’ve been searching for.

    Knee and Hip Pain Relief at BODY TIME

    Knee & Hip Pain Relief

    Are knee and hip problems holding you back from living life to the fullest? Are you tired of constant pain and limited mobility? It’s time to discover the incredible benefits of Cryo and EMS Training for knee and hip problems.

    Eximia – Fast Weight Loss WITHOUT Surgery!

    Results in 3 to 7 cm after one single 20 minutes session!

    Introducing Eximia, the weight loss revolution that will transform your body in record time! If you’re tired of struggling with diets that don’t work and endless hours at the gym, then it’s time to try something new.

    With Eximia, you’ll experience extreme fast weight loss that will leave you feeling confident and energized. Our cutting-edge technology targets problem areas and helps you burn fat in just a few sessions. You’ll see results from the very first session, and with our personalized approach, you’ll achieve your ideal body in no time.

    At BODY TIME in Dubai, our team of experts will guide you through the Eximia process, ensuring that you get the most out of every session. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to the body you’ve always wanted.

    Join the weight loss revolution and start your Eximia journey today. Book your appointment now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

    Body Contouring Eximia in Dubai by BODY TIME

    Results with Eximia in Dubai

    Book a FREE Consultation today and discover the secret of fast beauty and a pefect shape. 

    Body Contouring Eximia in Dubai at BODY TIME EMS Fitness Training
    Body Contouring Eximia in Dubai at BODY TIME EMS Fitness Training
    Body Contouring Eximia in Dubai at BODY TIME EMS Fitness Training
    Body Contouring Eximia in Dubai at BODY TIME EMS Fitness Training

    Average Results from our Clients with 6 to 10 Sessions in 2 to 3 Weeks only!


    Endospheres Treatment

    Endospheres has earned worldwide recognition and admiration as a premier treatment for enhancing both the face and body. With its groundbreaking techniques, Endospheres offers a comprehensive solution to various imperfections, such as combating cellulite, reversing the signs of aging, and improving the texture and appearance of the skin, among other remarkable benefits.

    EMS Sculpt Body Time

    What is EMSCULPT

    EMSCULPT revolutionizes body sculpting by offering the world’s first non-invasive treatment that helps patients build muscle and reshape their bodies. Additionally, it provides a remarkable option for non-invasive buttock-toning treatment. Recognizing the crucial role muscles play in defining body shape, EMSCULPT accelerates the fitness journeys of patients, assisting them in achieving their desired body goals more effectively and efficiently.



    Fast and efficient

    Up to 200 W of 470 kHz resistive monopolar radiofrequency that facilitates reaching the hyperthermal treatment phases that foster lipolysis and skin firming, together with a real-time scanning system of the temperature reached and a guidance system to reach the remodelling phase in record time.


    -85°C Cryo*

    Whole Body Cryotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that triggers the body’s natural fight or flight response to accelerate recovery and decrease inflammation throughout the body. After just 3-4 minutes of exposure to the extreme cold (5 minutes max), you will notice a boost in energy, relief of muscle or joint pain, and many other positive benefits.

    Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is beneficial because it can reduce inflammation and pain, improve recovery time, and increase circulation.

    The cold temperatures help to constrict blood vessels, which reduces inflammation and swelling, and numbs nerve endings to relieve pain.

    Cryotherapy can also help to increase circulation by drawing blood to the surface of the skin, which can bring oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and promote healing.

    Additionally, cryotherapy has been found to have some benefits for mental health, such as reducing stress and anxiety.


    Training With BODY TIME EMS Workouts

    If you find yourself struggling with endless weight gain problems and you are tired of ever trying magic pills or another “wonder” diets…

    Then Body Time EMS Workouts are exactly for you!

    If you think finding 20 minutes for your health and body is hard then you may skip this! BUT, if you take a single step forward and trust in yourself then our experts will guide you to fitness success through detailed individual approach!

    Join thousands of Happy Members who transformed their bodies without spending hours on training and without extreme diets!

    You might think that this is another waste of money and time, however, this is a whole new experience and the last fitness attempt you will ever need. 

    Just Imagine Noticing Better Shape With Every Session and Getting Compliments From Your Family and Friends...
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    EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME
    EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME Personal Training

    Real Work. Real Results.

    Build Strength & Muscles

    Typically, when you train at the gym (or other similar exercise), you will only use between 40 – 70% of your strength potential. EMS improves how your muscles work together and increases the intensity of your muscle contractions, enabling your body to use up to 90% of it’s potential – achieving more, in a shorter time.

    Weight Loss

    EMS promotes a high level of metabolic activity during, and for many hours after, a training session. The higher your metabolism, the better your body will burn fat and build lean muscle mass.


    Personal Training

    Largest network of personal trainers.We find the perfect trainer for you, if not satisfied you can change trainers free of cost. Every workout is conducted by your certified personal trainer to get fit and motivated. 


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    EMS Fitness


    -85°C Cryo*


    Eximia Med



    EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME Personal Training for weight loss

    No Pain, No Gain

    Real Work.
      Real Results.

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    Client Testimonials

    Before And After Body Time


    I’m so grateful to have found Body Time! It has changed me both physically and mentally and this is now a lifestyle change that I’ll adopt forever. I reached my goal weight after one 12 week challenge and truly enjoyed all my meals. I’ve always struggled with being overweight but Body Time to me has been more than just weight loss. It’s the community, the support from the Body Time team, the mindset talks, workout challenges and a total learning curve about my relationship with food. I’m currently the fittest I’ve been and I can’t thank you guys enough.


    James | Weight Loss Results


    After leaving the Forces in November 2018, I gained a huge amount of unwanted weight.
    I came across Coach Norbert and his workouts and diet plans and I have never looked back, I have always been sceptical for what works and what doesn’t but believe me, the Body Time workout and Keto meal plans really shocked me! The fat literally burned away week by week! I lost so far 10 kg in 9 weeks and will be continuing until I reach my goal! But Body Time and his team know exactly what they’re talking about and they’re full of knowledge and can help you reach your goals and change your life as they did with me!


    Weight Loss Body Time Chicago


    I began working out when I was 16 years old. I had no idea what I was doing when I first walked into a gym. I would only stay consistent for a few months at a time. As I got older I gained some experience and began to form basic technique while performing strength training exercises. I started to believe that I knew exactly what I was doing and I knew everything about nutrition.


    Services Explained in Detail

    Services Explained in Detail

    Eximia Body Contouring SHED UP 3 TO 7 Centimeters IN A SINGLE SESSION! Results Guarantee and 100% satisfaction! Experience the remarkable transformation of NON-SURGICAL LIPOSUCTION with Eximia at BODY TIME Dubai. Our state-of-the-art technology presents an opportunity...

    Avant Garde: Unlock Your Potential

    Avant Garde: Unlock Your Potential

    Week One: Introduction to Avant Garde Hello and welcome to Avant Garde! I'm thrilled that you've taken the first step towards transforming your life by joining this course. Over the next year, we will embark on an incredible journey together....