“Body Time Gives You EVERYTHING YOU NEED To Stop Gaining, Live Healthy, and Lose Weight and Build Muscles!”
(Without Exercising daily and Wasting Your Time at GYM!)

Best Fitness System In The World


Body Time Combines PERSONAL TRAINING With EMS, Giving Your Muscles a Deeper,
More Effective Workout In a Fraction of Time. Fitness in Dubai for the best price!

20 Minutes once a week are
more than enough! Full GYM replacement with Personal Trainer for just 197 AED Unlimited Sessions in Business Bay Dubai!





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    Fast Results with a single 20 minutes session once per week!

    Sometimes it’s just too hard to fit everything into your busy life. With work, family and other commitments, it’s easy to neglect your health and fitness.

    But now there’s a solution.
    Using the scientifically proven EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) system, you can easily reap positive improvements to your health and fitness. And all it takes is 20 minute a week.

    EMS mimics the natural action of your central nervous system, sending electronic impulses to muscles, causing them to contract. In one short 20-minute workout, your personal trainer will put you through a customised workout that gives up to 120 contractions per muscle, covering eight muscle groups and engaging up to 92% of your muscles.

    Getting Fit Takes Only 20 Minutes With Body Time EMS Training

    The Future of Fitness, Today

    How it works!

    At Body Time we train all your 650 muscles with very high intensity and reach the maximum level and performance of burning fat that will boost weight loss. We activate all your 650 muscles and transform your body in a fat burning Machine 24/7! Stop saying tomorrow! Now is the time! Losing weight is easier than ever before with our German high Technology and certificated trainers.

    Before & After
    Dear Norbert,
    All the results were only about to take place because I had the right mindset to do exactly what you told me! To put your knowledge and your program into action exactly like it should be and this mindset my mental management was everything!

    Everything in every meal, everything in every work out, everything in every day.

    And my family got as well that much motivated that my mom did also the program and lose 15 KG :))))

    I can't even tell how happy I am now trough your help and amazing content!

    Your videos are so detailed and you explain everything so simple and motivating and mind opening in the same time!
    You gave my body and mind like a restart and a new future in a better life with the body i love now!

    Best Customer Service with
    the Market Leader

    Amazing customer service and all around service is all in one place. You don’t need to bring anything with you, We provide you everything you need for the session in the studio.

    Just book your appointment now and start to change your life with just 20 minutes once per week.

    What our Client's say
    Safest & Cleanest Workout in The World in 2020
    We not just save your valuable time! We safe also your health and protect you with the safest & cleanest workout agains the Corona Virus (Covid19 / Cov19). Let us introduce YOU to our high hygienic standards in the future of fitness at Body Time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Benefits of EMS Training

    Body Time is the perfect solution for people who want to lose weight easy and fast. Reaching fitness goals easier than ever before with our time saving fitness solution. 20 minutes per week of intensive EMS training is More than enough to reach your goal in the shortest time.

    YES! we save your time and change your life in time record.

    Benefits of EMS Training


    All our trainings are leaded by a personal trainer who will assist you each single session to achieve your fitness goals easy, safe and fast.

    Body Time training have also a lot of medical benefits and problems as following will disappear: back pain, tensions, dangerous body fat, and a lot of more. Read here about EMS studies and results in Germany.

    EMS Studies Germany

    Watch here what our clients say!

    Health & Fitness In Dubai For Everyone

    The Best Weight Loss System In The World

    Do you still believe the lie that you can achieve your dream body
    with more sports & less food (less calories)???
    Hey, Coach Norbert here...
    If you really want to achieve your dream body permanently and sustainably, then this page is the end of your long and painful search.

    Thousands of people have already reached their dream body with the help of the MotivatedFit program and of this page. I would like to offer you not only the opportunity to get to know some of them but also to get to know them...
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    Because the truth is...
    Doing more sports & eating less (i.e. eating less calories) is doomed to failure.
    These Frustrations Sound Familiar?

    ​"I am completely confused on how to diet. I think I'm eating clean sometimes, but I don't have a real system.

    ​I'm not sure exactly what portions or ratios are right for me." "My workouts don't show me continually progress in the mirror."

    ​"Dieting is hard because I feel like it's so restrictive I can't maintain it very long. And then I gain all my weight back.. If not more."

    ​"Dieting only works for a little while and then it plateaus and I stop seeing results even though I feel like I'm starving all the time."

    ​"I go to the gym and kinda follow a structured plan, but not very well.

    ​"Training is overwhelming. I walk in the gym and I'm not even sure where to start."

    ​"I go through stretches where I train really hard but I have no idea how to calculate the perfect diet for me so I get some results but I'm never really shredded like I would like."

    ​"I need accountability and a good plan and I have neither! I need a really easy to follow diet and training program to help me stay motivated. Without that I can't make myself stay on track."

    ​"I know I should go to the gym so I do, but I basically go through the motions and and leave because I hardly see any changes in the mirror."

    ​"It just takes too long and I burnt out. I go to the gym and try to diet and do cardio, but no matter what I do I just see little or no change and I get disheartened."

    ​"I really do want to get in great shape, I just find it confusing and overwhelming. If I had a road map I'd gladly put in the work."

    I Got it....That's Why I Built MotivatedFit In 9 Weeks! Those Things Are NEVER Going To Hold You Back Again!

    Ready To Get your Dream Body?

    Body Time EMS is the fastest and the most effective way to weight loss, body toning, muscle gaining, leading to overall better health and the Body Shape you work for.

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