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Virtual Sales Assistant

Please review all details carefully. At the end, click the green WhatsApp button to send us the information mentioned here as a voice message.

Your working hours are 8 hours per day, 6 days a week, with flexibility required as customer responses on social media can occur at any time.

You must respond immediately with correct grammar and professional writing to every message, always answering last. Utilize only the information found on our designated page; watch all videos and familiarize yourself with the content below.

Your salary ranges from $300 to $600 per month, starting at $300. If you don’t repeat a mistake more than 3 times on a given instruction, your salary will increase by $100 each month. Demonstrating diligence, responsibility, and productivity is crucial for BODY TIME. We prioritize professional and focused work without argument.

Additionally, you have the opportunity for a commission model, earning 1% of all company sales. For example, if company sales reach 200,000 AED, you could earn 3,000 AED (approximately $817). Our target is to achieve sales of 400,000 AED, translating to 4,000 AED (around $1,089) for you.

Your primary tasks include calling potential clients for Eximia and selling a minimum of 1 iBody per week. Leads will be provided; your role is to act on them promptly and efficiently.

Your responsibilities encompass messaging and calling on all social media inquiries and leads, starting with messaging to assess your work quality. Engage customers across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and our live chat, maintaining interaction through messages, story videos, comments, likes, and more.

Thank you,

Norbert Simonis

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  • Why you are a good fit for this job role

Let me introduce myself. I’m Ailyce, BODY TIME’s AI Assistant. I’m here to handle all your conversations and calls, providing information and assistance as needed. Representing our CEO Norbert Simonis, I ensure both customers and our team achieve success at the highest level.

Once you access our system called X, I’ll manage all calls and messaging tasks, except for Whatsapp, which requires special attention. Your role is to review my conversations and report any issues promptly to CEO Norbert Simonis for AI programming adjustments.

Best regards, Ailyce

Eximia Service


Snippet 1: What is Eximia

Eximia is a cutting-edge technology replacing traditional liposuction for fast, non-surgical body shaping.

Experience visible cm reduction after the first session.

Enjoy personalized treatments for cellulite, tightening, firming, lymphatic drainage, water retention, and stretch marks.

Snippet 2: Our promise

During your free consultation, we’ll assess your BMI and analyze your fat and water retention levels.

Based on this, we’ll determine the number of sessions you need.

We’ll also take pictures and measurements before and after each session, guaranteeing a loss of 3 to 7 cm.

Snippet 3: Our promise

We guarantee a 3 to 7 cm reduction in each session, with visible results after the first session.

If we don’t deliver, you won’t be charged. When would you prefer to schedule your free consultation, today or tomorrow?

All About Eximia

Details Eximia & More Infos: 


 Results Guarantee and 100% satisfaction!

Experience the remarkable transformation of NON-SURGICAL LIPOSUCTION, with Eximia at BODY TIME Dubai. 

Our state-of-the-art technology presents an opportunity for you to shed up 3 to 7 centimeter in a single session, facilitating the achievement of your body goals with unprecedented speed and efficacy. 


What is Eximia Body Contouring?

Eximia represents a pinnacle in body contouring systems, seamlessly integrating radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, and microcurrents to pinpoint stubborn fat, diminish cellulite, and firm the skin. 

This non-invasive and highly effective solution not only sculpts your body but also elevates your confidence to new heights.

Eximia treatments can be done on 3 body areas:

3 Body Areas Treatment Belly | Legs | Arms

Each Body Area 30 Minutes Treatment

In one session up to 7 centimeter  waist reduction.

1st Body Area: BELLY

Belly Fat Front & Back Side, Love Handles

*In one session up to 7 centimeter  waist reduction.

2nd Body Area: LEGS

Legs Front & Back Side, Bum

3th Body Area: Arms

Upper Arm Front & Back Side up to the Shoulder

Motivate for a try and give a free consultation.


1, 2, and 3 Body areas packages. 

With 5 + 1 Free Sessions, or 9 +3 Free Sessions

iBody Wirless EMs Home Training System

Get Fit With Just 10 to 20 Minutes Once A Week From Home

Details iBody & More Infos: 

We offer a comprehensive size chart and provide personalized assistance to help you select the perfect size.

– Sizes Men: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

– Sies Woman: XS. S, M, L, XL

Materials iBody Suit: High Quality Materials, Nylon 65% and Spandex 35%, wires are made of stainless steel. 

Materials: iBody Energy Box, named eBox, is made of high end ABS material. 

Battery duration: eBox Battery lasts for 8 hours training. 

Battery life of the energy box is very good and long.

For optimal care, use the hand wash program on your washing machine with a maximum spin speed of 800 rotations and liquid detergent only.

*Made in Germany

* 2 Years guarantee on energy box and 6 months on the suit

For charging, please use USB to USB-C only; fast charging is not permitted to ensure a long battery life. The battery has a lifespan of over 10 years and can be easily replaced even if it’s integrated.

Don’t use it for swimming.

Suitable for any age.  


– Fat Burn

– Cardio

– Strength

– Relax

– Professional

– Vip

Each program requires a single 10 to 20 minute session once a week and replaces a full week of gym. Expect the Cardio and Relax mode that can be done even daily.

Each intensity can be adjusted through the mobile app as per your specific needs. 

Intensity of the EMS impulse is the strongest possible and delivers incredible results. 

Lose Weight or and build muscles easy and fast. 

Size can be adjusted if needed by any tailor.

The Cardio and Relax Program can be used every day! All other programs should be used at most twice a week; this is more than enough since your muscles need time to rest and grow to burn fat optimally.

Benefits iBody:

– Need only 10 to 20 minutes once a week workout time. 

– For busy people without time and motivation for the gym

– Train all 650 Muscles in your body 

The impulses spread to all muscles, including areas not covered by electrodes, such as fingers and other body parts. 

– EMS Training wireless from your mobile phone at home or on the go!

– Dry suit no water needed

– Very strong EMS impulses very quick results

– Strongest workout worldwide

– We do delivery 

– Full Body Workout.

– Good for Back Pain and knee Pain and overall well-being

– Fast weight loss and fast muscle building. 

– Improve posture

*If customer from other countries say we deliver iBody Worldwide.

Subject: Job Opportunity: Virtual Assistant for Social Media Management


We are currently seeking a female full-time virtual assistant to manage our social media platforms and CRM system. Your responsibilities will include responding to messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, engaging with followers, managing messages, likes, comments, and story views.

You will be provided with message templates for your interactions. For more information about our products, please visit our website at www.bodytime.ae.

We offer a competitive salary based on performance, ranging from $300 to $600, or a percentage-based salary structure. This is a full-time position, working six days a week for eight hours each day.

If you are interested, please reply to this message.


Best regards,

Norbert Simonis