September 1, 2018
EMS with Brittle Bones
September 10, 2018

Advantages of Body Time EMS Training


Body Time technology targets muscles that are difficult to develop with traditional workouts. Your performance and endurance will be significantly improved when using Body Time in combination with conventional training.



Cellulite is caused by the weakening of connective tissues. These tissues can be stimulated with lower impulse intensity, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the removal of excreta from problematic areas. The presence of cellulite can be significantly reduced with the use of Body Time.



This programme generates stimulations, your muscles respond to this by contracting and relaxing. The resulting contractions work the body’s muscles helping tone and shape your figure. These impulses are normally sent by your brain to the muscles, however with Body Time the muscles work to the stimulus of the device. Body shaping is full body training, stimulating up to 650 of your muscles. No other fitness training is so effective in 20 minutes.



The fat burning programme targets the problematic parts of the body. It activates the muscles increasing their oxygen consumption promoting fat burning. It also speeds up the lymphatic system helping eliminate fat. This process also works for cellulite reduction.



If you do not exercise regularly, are overweight or noticing the effects of ageing on your body then the fitness program has the answer. Progressively intensive stimulation creates a muscle awareness helping you improve muscle tone. This workout programme will result in improved muscle and body shape whilst increasing fitness.



This special programme helps the regeneration of deep muscle fibres and connective tissues affected by pregnancy. With Body Time abdominal muscles can regain their original tone and condition after pregnancy.


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