Back Pain; From radical causes to revolutionary treatments

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Body Time EMS training for back pain

It begins with a twinge! Then the pain starts to spread down your back, it hurts when sitting, standing or even turning your head. Exactly like this, back pain affects one in ten people around the world. It is also the most common reason for absence from work in the UAE, the matter that affects the employees’ performance at their work. However, the main Causes of back pain may vary from someone to another; from muscle strain to arthritis and ruptured disk, the most effectual solution has always been simple and traditional, but the secret to building strength lies in the groundbreaking German technology.

Muscle strain

The stereotypical image that usually sparkles in your mind once you think about back pain is of a person lifting heavy weights and bending over the desk in a very bad posture. It is widely noted that muscles strain and ruptured disks are the main reasons behind the ailment. Strained muscles and ligaments account for the majority of back problems since strain commonly occurs with the incorrect lifting of heavy weights and sudden awkward movements. In other cases, the hard tissues that support the disk are softened, causing a painful sore, especially in the lower back. Generally speaking, if you are not in a good shape or your back in a bad structure, you are more likely to suffer from back pain.

Disk damage

Furthermore, the ruptured disk is one of the most recurrent causes of acute back pain. The indications of a damaged disk may vary according to its location and severity. The lower back is considered as the home the ruptured disc. The disk’s inner gel-like material will bulge, pressing through its tough outer membrane, and the entire disk can become twisted or ruptured, resulting in severe pain. In the very beginning, there may be some contractions in the neck or lower back which will greatly restrict your movement. The greatest number of disk injuries occur in the lumbar region of the lower back. That’s why neglecting this problem may lead to disastrous results on your back and consequently will lengthen and harden the journey of Back pain relief.

Radical solutions

On the other hand, back pain can be reduced slightly within a few weeks. There are several measures to take in order to help you reduce your pain. The most popular treatments for back pain are always difficult especially in the beginning, so it may add extra physical and psychological load on you. Most of these treatments emphasize on being active and doing much exercise on a regular basis so as to strengthen the back muscles and connective tissues among the spines.

Revolutionary solution

How about smart training without any physical effort and maximum muscle strength?! Since most of the back pain in the lower back is caused by a weak muscle, this muscle above the buttocks is not trained well most of the time. While with EMS training, it does not only address the large muscle groups, but also the small muscles, which provide the required stability for the spines, leading to an upright posture. Several back pain researches, including a study by the University of Bayreuth, confirm that EMS training can be used to combat back pain. Over 80% of the cases managed to reduce back pain. Additionally, the chronic back pain had noticeably declined from 40% to only 9% after a 6-week training period. This study demonstrates that EMS training is effective at relieving back pain ailment, as the electrical impulses stimulate outer as well as the deeper inner muscles, which are not easily reached through conventional methods of exercise.

Overall, the road to understanding what may be causing your pain seems overwhelming, particularly when you aren’t sure from where to start. Yet, now you are fully aware of why and how the back pain develops. Moreover, you hold the key in your hand; the key to a better back posture without any strain on muscles and a free-pain life. Today, pain in your back belongs to the past with EMS training. You will see and notice incredible, life-changing results from the first session.


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