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Medical issues that Body Time method can solve!
April 11, 2016
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Body Time Mirdif EMS fitness studio in the UAE

Body Time Mirdif EMS fitness studio in the UAE

The most known health issue nowadays is backpain. You can solve those problems also with Body Time method! How?! We will explain to you. First, you have to understand how and why the back pain appear. It appears beacause of sedentary life. Low back pain is a fact of life. Just about everybody will suffer from it sooner or later. One of the main causes of back pain, whether acute or chronic, is low back strain.
So what is low back strain? A series of muscles and ligaments in your back hold the bones of your spinal column in place. The muscles are weakened, so they may not be able to hold the bones of your spinal column in place correctly. The spine becomes less stable, causing low back pain. If you undestand that you can also realize the fact that training your lower back muscles correct with our Body Time method will improve or even make dissapear the back pain!

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