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One Month Personal Training just 297 AED! 

84% Discount! Before 1850 AED


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BODY TIME | The Perfect Workout in just 20 minutes!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only one year memberships can be frozen and for a maximum of 2 months only! Our Discounted 1 to 4 month memberships not! You can upgrade anytime to a higher one year membership if you wish to have a freezing option.

Every membership is a contract based on a fixed term. Every membership is just as per membership a certain amount of months valid, sessions can be used just in this time frame and NOT after! You have to train in the contract period and use all your sessions to have results! Consistency is the key!

Membership can NOT be canceled!

Please read all our Q&A following here.


Questions & Answers for Gym 1, Gym 2 & Flexible Membership

Q: Do I have a personal trainer?

A: Yes, and not only one, but the whole staff is also during opening times available for you at any time. 

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: No, only if you leave the country or are not able doing sport anymore! Only with clear evidence!

Q: Is it self-service?

A: No, our staff is always available to support you. 

Q: Can I do as many sessions as I want?

A: Yes, but we advise you to be aware of EMS and advise you clear that if you do more than 2 sessions a week you will get serious health issues. Your CK values increase!  CK Creatine Kinase = (In a healthy adult, the serum CK level varies with a number of factors (gender, race, and activity), but the normal range is 22 to 198 U/L (units per liter).  Higher amounts of serum CK can indicate muscle damage due to chronic disease or acute muscle injury). Increased CK values lead to kidney failure, dialysis even a kidney transplant could be necessary! That can happen with any kind of extreme sport if you exaggerate it! One session per week 0 Risk! 2 Sessions need to take care and listen to your body how you support it!  EMS Training is a whole Body Workout and replaces a full week of a gym like a 4- Split Training. That means 4 Workout sessions in a week! The EMS session is 4 times more intense than a week of GYM that’s why one session is more than enough and time saving for you! Doing more doesn’t mean having better results! Muscles need a week of recovery that’s why at the gym we do a split and not daily full-body workout! Muscles grow in the rest time and not during working them out! Training more than 1 time a week can damage muscles due to not enough time to recover and lead to muscle weakness and gaining fat! To have the best results focus on nutrition, vitamins, and supplement intake! That brings the results!  If you wanna do more you can do extra cardio in your building or outdoor! We dint recommend an additional gym during your EMS sessions!

Q: Can I Do It Daily?

A: As per our contract: YES! But it’s dangerous! Read above “Q: Can I do as many sessions I want?”

Q: Can I go additional to the GYM?

A: NO! If you wanna do more you can do extra cardio in your building or outdoor! We dint recommend an additional gym during your EMS sessions!

Q: Is EMS safe?

A: Yes it’s the safest training in the world if you apply it ones a week! Everything in excess is unhealthy! It’s gentle on the joints in comparison with conventional GYM workouts!

Q: Do I need a personal trainer?

A: No you can train also alone and you will be able after the first session! A good personal trainer anywhere starts from a minim of 300 AED per session if you get a cheaper personal training you can imagine why! A professional artist or athlete will not work below 300 AED. 

Q: How to train alone is it not difficult?

A: NOT at all! GYM’s are popular and people can manage to workout in GYMs with more than 100 machines and a bunch of exercise variations where they can harm themself and destroying their joints.  At Body Time we use a very safe device and only one that makes the whole workout for you! The device has a display with an Avatar who leads you trough all exercises without mistakes! On the top, our trainers are all-time in the studio taking care of you! So you are in good hands and results are safer than in the fitness studio (GYM).

Q: Do you provide a nutrition plan, vitamins, and supplements!

A: Yes even more than that! We provide everything from A to Z! That’s why we have the best service in the world. 

Q: Do you provide a personalized nutrition plan?

A: Yes that’s included in out MotivatedFit program!

Q: So what’s the difference between Gym 1, Gym2, Basic PT, and Advanced PT?

A: The difference is the experience level of the trainers not everybody (Personal Trainer) is the same and not everybody (Client) can afford a high personal train price!  We at Body Time are looking forward to helping each budget to live healthily and to be fit that’s why we offer different price categories!  Basic Pt and Advanced Pt we offer also in all areas from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, next to your home in small boutique studios with high privacy and higher quality standards! Everything is custom on the client’s need at Body Time. More about this would be explained in our FREE 60 minutes consultation! 

Q: How can I join?

A: Simple! Just chose one of the memberships here on the page subscribe and pay online and you reserve your slot for the next 12 months! Or come to our studio direct and join there!  After joining you can come whenever you want we are waiting for you!

Q: How are the opening hours?

A: The studios are from 8 am to 10 pm open all around Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Our HQ in Business Bay would open soon more than that 24 / 7 / 365! So you can train at any time of the day!

Q: Can I train in any location?

A: NO: Only in the location you got subscribed! Each Studio has a different owner! Gym 1 and Gym 2 Memberships are only in our HQ in Business Bay available.  

Q: What's better? Train with OR without accessories?

A: WITHOUT Accessories! Why? Because EMS is a very effective exercise method during it correctly deliver the best results! Any accessories that you can use also in your home doesn’t mean better results! It just grabs attention and focuses on muscle tension and contractions done properly! We recommend focusing on proper form during the workout and avoiding accessories! Less is more in this case! Focus on all 3 muscles contraction during each range of motion! Concentric Isometric Eccentric! What this means our Personal Trainers will explain to you!

Q: If EMS is recommended once a week why unlimited sessions

A: Because NON-Professionals on the market who just wanna make money open studios to hook clients with we do more achieve more what’s nonsense! Why we offer unlimited? Because clients don’t know and it attracts them! AND before we argue with arguments for minutes or hours on the phone or social media with clients let them in that false belief and consult them Wirth the truth at the studio. If you make the research at miha bodytec ( market leader and main device provider worldwide based in Germany you will see that EMS is done once a week!  We prefer truth and loyalty before money! AND stay professional in front of our clients!

Q: Do I lose more weight if I train with a personal trainer?
A:  Depends on you, we replace a full week of gym workout, which means that even in the gym you can lose weight with and without a personal trainer! A personal trainer just correct and teach you how to do it right! From the motivation factor if you can’t motivate yourself yes a personal trainer make sense of course!


Q: What Burn more Fat EMS or GYM workout?
A: Your Nutrition! You can Burn Fat or lose weight with both! The advantages of EMS are that you don’t hurt yourself, train more efficiently, and save a lot of time! Plus you avoid crowded GYM’s!
Q: Can I Freeze My Membership?
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only one year memberships can be frozen and for a maximum of 2 months only! Our Discounted 1 to 4 month memberships not! You can upgrade anytime to a higher one year membership if you wish to have a freezing option.

To freeze your membership required to send an official email at with the start and end period! Only written per email. No Phone calls, WhatsApp, on social media or other announcements accepted. Just written prove per email.

Q: Can I use Sessions after Membership Expire?
NO! We are sorry but NO! Every contract is based on a fix period valid with a certain amount of sessions just as mentioned on our website here! After expiry date sessions cant be used anymore!

Safe & Clean

We not just save your valuable time! We safe also your health and protect you with the safest & cleanest workout agains the Corona Virus (Covid19 / Cov19). Let us introduce YOU to our high hygienic standards in the future of fitness at Body Time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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